2 / 1 / 2010 Mystic Tourist First Post

Mysticism is what I do and what I will blog about. I will be fifty-eight this year. It is my belief, that by circumstance,  I was born a mystic. Of course I did not realize it at birth but after seventeen years it was clear that mysticism is what dominates my life.

Being mystic is not so much a choice I made for myself as it is the way I have found myself. God is as a singular interest in my life. There seem’s a quality about God that is all-inclusive and so devotion to God allows that each relationship in life might reach its full measure.

Religion? I place my confidence in God. Even if  God does not exist I am good with that. Religion is the place I did not find God. I was born and raised Roman Catholic including ten year’s of parochial education. How and why does one separate the truth from the lies? Of religion, I have been cured.

It was this sensibility, when I was seventeen, that really upset me. I had no peer, no mentor and no literature to guide me. Having found myself  this way  I did not feel it was a choice and I  turned my rage against society and God. That lasted twelve year’s. It caused the complete ruin of my life three time’s.

In 1981 after a brawl at work that destroyed the company office as well as assorted public property, private property and my truck I found myself in jail once again. I had lived my life sure that attrition would take my life prematurely or that my reckless lifestyle would force God’s hand to do for me what I would not do myself. It was not working out. It seemed to me I had become what I was so angry about. It occurred to me that God might not intervene, attrition might not take me out and being what I was angry about was not a viable option for me. I changed. I decided to embrace the mysticism. I decided mysticism would prove its worth or run its course. Either way I would be able to get on with my life and leave the rage behind me.

I am an empiric mystic. I believe that God make’s an example, an expression and does represent Gods self. I believe that only by that does anyone come to know God, or God does not exist.

 The Mystic Tourist

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