Christianity 101

I have on occasion educated myself on the history of Christianity. The person or perhaps more accurately the ideal of Christ is captivating. From my observation of known history I have no reason to believe that Jesus ever founded a church. Why would he?

What I do know is that Constantine sacked Rome and in the fourth century seems to have established the Christian Church. After installing himself as emperor Constantine ended the persecution of Christians. He insisted that the various Christian sect’s hobble together a unifying Christian Doctrine. The first Ecumenical Council at Nicaea in 325 did this. They did this and they also agreed on the New Testament.

The New Testament claim is controversial. As near as I can tell it is a technical matter. When were the book’s written, what group’s referenced them and when? It seem’s unlikely, knowing the nature of this council, that they did not decide on this particular collection known as The New Testament. It seems to me that they must have at least confirmed it.

It is easy to believe that Jesus existed because of the history. It is much harder to believe the doctrine. You have to believe, on faith, the doctrine tied to the text. I have to ask myself what came first? What about the usual suspect, motive? Miracle’s, that is another post but I do not have a problem with miracles. Consider this, in clinical trial’s placebos work 30% of the time.

It is the ogre  pretending to be God waiting to damn you to hell for joining the wrong religion that is hard to swallow.

Here is an article from The Guardian about placebo’s.   

Here is an article from P.B.S. About Constantine and Christianity. You can easily scan this article by scrolling to find whatever information might interest you.

There is a ton of information about Constantine and also placebos. Have fun!                            

The Mystic Tourist

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