Compassion and Understanding

For me, God is what mysticism is about, and, as a mystic, I believe in God. My own experience with religion has discouraged me and so I look for God elsewhere. I do not believe God is escapable so I believe we find God where we are. There is no church or special club a person has to join and prayer, more than anything else, is simply the life we live.

Condemnation, punishment, persecution, these are human endeavour’s. All person’s are acceptable to God. The notion that God would single out a person or group for favor, or scorn, seems an absurdity to me. If a person could find themself separate from God I expect it could only be by determined cognizant willful intent. I imagine it would result in the loss of existence which itself seems impossible. It seems probable to me that the God most people would distance themselvs from does not exist except perhaps in our mind.

God is not accountable to us by our good works, by what we believe or by the religion we join. God does not punish us for failing in these areas. We are simply acceptable to God. The quest I think is to find ourselves acceptable to ourselves. Should we accomplish this simple task then we find, within ourselves, acceptance of God.

When I speak of God I am not making a referance to any particular doctrine as I expect that only God represent’s God. I do think there are certain qualifiers by which a person finds peace with God. The two that I have been able to trust are compassion and understanding. Compassion is such that it has a single measure. That measure is simply enough. It does not single out a person or a group as being more deserving than another. It finds it’s one measure enough for all or it is not there. The attribute of understanding is the same. Everything is understood. I believe the fact of existence reveals the underlying understanding. That is that nothing could organize itself well enough to exist except that there would first be understanding. The sensibilities of compassion and understanding allude to the absolute. Their attributes are such that they can only have a single measure. That measure is always inclusive and always enough.

These fundamentals of compassion and understanding are as the voice that guides ones footfall on the mystic path.

The Mystic Tourist

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