Right and Wrong

Is there any true value to being right? Let us consider; who is right? What are the qualification’s? I am not much of a believer in being right because I believe the only qualification is to think that you are. It is worse than that. Right does not exist except for wrong. What is the point?

I am a bit of an odd duck here. I am a person of strong opinion, and, I am told, I sound like I think I am right. My mother would say I am dogmatic. I know people who agree. To be honest I feel as if I am right. In my head it goes like this: Obviously, I have an opinion, and the most anyone could surmise is that.

The truth, I think, self represents, and being right is a complete waste of time. It is as a trap where a person becomes unable to see things as they actually are. The only purpose seems to be to massage the ego’s of the person’s making the claim.

It is difficult to recover from the position of being right and so I choose to do what seems best. Truth is what being right pretends to be.  I can learn something and my ability to recognize the truth earns a correction. If  I thought I was right to begin with it makes the likelihood I would learn something more challenging. I can go through life doing what seems to me to be best allowing the truth to be its own witness without a care for being right.

It is easier to negotiate our place in the dark when we presume the truth can defend itself.

I think of right and wrong as being the same thing. I see it as a coin, one side right the other wrong. I see it as a worthless coin that makes a purchase in kind.

The Mystic Tourist

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