Miracle and Magic

Magic. Surely this is a topic beyond the reach of controversy. We dismiss magic out of hand because it is impossible. There is another possibility, magic is the natural law. We can consider  Wim Hof, The Iceman.

Recently Wim ran for a couple of hours in his shorts and nothing else. He was 200 kilometer’s north of the Arctic circle shirtless and barefoot. The severe  frostbite did not even cost him so much as a toe. He restored the circulation as well as the damaged tissue. Mr Hof then took on Everest in the same outfit. Wim Hof has a long list of similar accomplishment’s and has been the subject of rigorous scientific investigation.

Wim is an ordinary man and so then also is what he does. It is unusual for people to do these and similar things even though it is understood that we can. That we can be so ignorant that we deny our talent’s is what is extraordinary.

When we think of miracle and magic there seems to be an expectation that they violate or are outside of natural law. Of course natural law is not the subject of violation. I expect that what we are and what we do is limited by denial. Denial works more like magic than anything else because it allows us to believe what is not true with the certainty that it is.

It seems that  ignorance and denial are the true magic. It is with these that we fail to express the full compliment of our abilities.

The Mystic Tourist

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