Four A.M.Strategy

In addition to developing this blog I am self-employed and my work is seasonal. Apparently I need less sleep and so my new work season brings with it a new strategy. At four a.m. it is quiet. I can drink my tea read the paper and am fresh enough to write.

The Mystic Tourist has been helpful to me personally. I really enjoy writing. I used the down-time of my off-season to educate myself about blogging and the learning is now the doing. The people at Word Press have been great. Tris Hussey was also a big help. I bought his book, How To Create Your Own Blog /Six Easy Project’s, and read it on my Kindle. I still have plenty of work to do tuning up the blog and setting up, The Mystic Tourist, to my agenda. I hope to secure additional advise next week so I am more comfortable moving forward. I do have a plan.

This past week was very busy as my business kicked into gear along with the season. The additional work kept me from posting. I expect my four a.m. strategy to solve the problem.

This post is to assure anyone who reads, The Mystic Tourist, of my commitment. Of course the obvious is true; Life tends to get in the way of what we think we are doing.

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