Providence and Appointment

As an empiric mystic I believe in providence. I believe circumstance is always complete and that completion presents opportunity. Disposition is fundamentally important as we build our success, and presently, it seems my most important concern.

Disposition allows us to craft our circumstance into any texture we like. It is as a pivot, or bearing, by which we perceive things the way we choose. One of the wonders of disposition is its complexity. We are always able to adjust it and create change.

Our disposition creates a collection, or clutter, due to its bearing. Providence assures that this clutter is manageable. Our inclination acts as a governor of disposition and doing what seems best is a good governor. There is a certain magic to disposition because, with it, we can arrange anything, as we want.

Disposition is complex and has a tendency to dilute what is best. This is true in particular when circumstance is difficult.

One function of providence is to bring forward what does serve us best.  Of providence there is the notion, that God, somehow manages this on our behalf. This is what I consider appointment. Working to do what is best brings this about and the true power lies in choice, regardless of providence. We notice the service of providence most, I think, when we consider it in times of difficult circumstance.

In regard to providence and appointment my mystic sensibility is this: The goal of mysticism is to complete appointment. My personal experience has been that when I attend to what does most need my attention, clutter becomes clarity. My expectation is that mysticism finds its fruition in enlightenment, due to the kept appointment. Providence is the constant presentation of appointment.

I am confidant we are all given appointment. Amazingly some few of us seem to keep them. I wonder if there might also be a collective measure of appointment. Could it be that in such a hybrid appointments are kept?

The Mystic Tourist

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