Broad Terms Poor Definition

In my last post, “Providence and Appointment”, I used broad term’s without clear definition about how I consider them. That is due in part to the brief nature of blog posting. I mentioned circumstance as always being complete. I wrote that the completion presented opportunity. I wrote of disposition, providence and appointment. Today I will lend these term’s some definition.

In a way circumstance is providence. It is how and where we find ourself’s at any given time. I consider circumstance all the time in my practice of mysticism. It is a broad term, but for me personally, it is not vague.  It is complete because it is how and where we find ourself’s: There is nothing absent from what does make up any given circumstance. It represents or presents, opportunity, because whatever we might do, opportunity, we find the resources for it in our circumstance.

Disposition. Again I consider disposition all the time. It is a broad term, but for me, not at all vague. It is the color of our circumstance, the tone, the vibration, ect. It draws to us that which is like it, or at least, our circumstance, has the look and feel, of our disposition. Disposition is resilient. We are not always mad or always happy. There are aspects of our disposition that, by habit, are less prone to change. I look to these habit’s and their subtle structure’s as a way to cause  the circumstance I want. I look to bring about a change that seems better or best.

Intervention or orchestration by God. This is what people generally have in mind when they think of providence. That is close enough for this post. I consider doing what is best as the way to identify providence. I believe that in circumstance there is always that appointment, the best thing to do. Often I think the best thing has to do with our disposition. If we change the way we feel about things we may well see a different opportunity. We certainly will feel differently. Even if that is the only change to our circumstance, it is dramatic.

Happy people are happy. Sad people are sad. Angry people are angry. It is our disposition. We choose this and in doing so we perpetuate it. The clutter that we generate due to the aspect’s of our disposition, that are static, habit, obscure the simple changes we might make, and, be the way we want. Providence is the constant presentation of the appointment to take care of that.

Providence, circumstance, appointment, disposition and choice. I use these to shape the person I am. They are as tool’s in my life of mysticism.

The Mystic Tourist

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