I think all, or most of us, have an inner language that is repetitive. Repetition is fundamental. Our biology is repetitive. Our heartbeat, respiration, the replication and replacement of cells, etc. The planet’s rotate and we call it time. Even in what seems chaos I am sure we can find the fingerprint’s of repetition. Habit is what we do, what we are.

The word’s we speak inside our head have a profound impact on how we are.

There is, I think, a core language, a few word’s, that we repeat to ourself’s over and over again. This dialogue is as a pair of glasses that determines our perception of time, place and self. For each of us this mantra is personal and, I expect, largely ignored. It is also a fundamental block of how we find ourself’s the way we are. The nature of habit is to perpetuate what is, in the face of the constant evolution of reality. With the subtle mantra of repetitive thought we choose to control or be controled.

The circular nature of this constant repetition is similar to electromagnetic’s or gravity. It draws to us a collection of thought and action. Clutter. We can quiet ourself’s and listen to our mantra’s. We can untangle the clutter and separate how we are from who we are. It is a serious process and we consider it difficult. The burden is in the clutter. The true difficulty is in continuing in a way that does not serve us well.

This returns me to a recurring theme. Doing what seems best. If I consider the role of providence in negotiating our personal difficulties, I would say, difficulty, is intended to focus our attention on what is best. I will use truth to make an example.

Truth is never injured by falsehood. A lie, or falsehood, would replace the truth. Except for the truth it could not exist. It is about the truth that it structures itself. It leans against the truth and we are confused by its proximity to it. Often the tenant’s of right and wrong are at work. Due to the nature of right – It’s insistence on wrong – I think it is rarely what is best. The decision to do what is best solves the corruption of right; wrong.

Regarding the clutter generated by our private mantra, habitual thought, I think the same dynamic applies. If we quiet ourself and consider what is best we may actually find ourself doing it. This is what eliminates the unnecessary burden of  clutter and facilitates the clarity of our sight. It enables to see more clearly what is true. Even if we can not articulate it, the rule of truth, becomes more clear in our life. It becomes its own articulation.

All that is can only represent truth. Even what would harm it must allude to it. Doing what is best has this attribute. It is as my religion.

The Mystic Tourist

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