Searching For Secular Mystics

I am forever searching for blogs similar to mine. I know there are people who think and feel as I do, they do not seem to be blogging. I am a secularist who believes in truth, in what actually is. In God. The notion that God needs an intermediary seems absurd. Typically the God found in religion is defined by men and that can not be God. Additionally, religion, has been propagating lies and falsehoods for thousands of years. This stuff is easy to discover and those who care to look, find it. Yes religion does many good things and I respect that. I think for some people religion is good. They are able to overlook its human condition and find the underling value. God. But I am a secularist looking for a dialog about what might actually be true. I am also a mystic. My experience is mystical.

This post is about my quest for like-minded bloggers. I have found Ron Krumpos. He is not a blogger, at least not that I know of, but he does have an online book, it represents his interest in mysticism. I have enjoyed my exchange with Ron. In my quest I have come across many Christian sites. Largely these folks are not interested in open dialog. It is really quite sad. They are so weighted by preconception that they are blind. One woman, at a site that gets a lot of traffic, was espousing her New Testament inspired hatred. It is her site! I commented that I did not think Jesus was into hatred. She tried to explain that is was OK because God hated. There was a lot of Bible quoting and in the end she could not understand why I thought she was saying that God was hateful. Another woman there really ripped me up with all sorts of Bible quotes to prove her rightness with God. If it was not so sad it would be funny.

Enough of the disappointment. I have found other sites that have been welcoming, at least for now. Certainly Ron Krumpos has been refreshing and encouraging. I have found this site, Rock And Theology. They seem to be open to dialog and to date have not taken down my comments or blocked me. Without contest the site most like mine, that I have found is, Unreasonable Faith. Those guys are Atheists but they post some really interesting stuff and welcome dialog. They are like my site in that we think a lot alike, we have mutual interests.

If  you read this Blog and know of sites that might interest me please comment or send me an email, . I would like to create a Blog Roll.

Secular Creation and Circumstance

Being secular and finding confidence empirically, I trust experience. I place my confidence in what is true: absolute. Making no determination as to right or wrong I strive for what seems best. I accept that things are as they are, but not necessarily, as they seem. It is not important for me to own the experience. I am comfortable accepting it. Objectivity is my constant ambition.

Certainly when considering subtlety, such as the nature of  image, it is of great benefit to remain objective. When I write of  image I am referring to shapes, forms or any thing that presents itself in the mind as if it were tangible, and yet it has no physical existence. We can, and do, recognize image. We have to accept, not all image we recognize, necessarily, is generated by our imagination. The imagination, in my experience, does see what is. We do generate image, and, imagine it to have some independent origin, when it does not. We can also clear our mind so that images independent of it can be recognized.  We can ignore all images; determined that they do not exist. Some people are so sensitive that the images damage their mental health and wellness. This area of our perception is extremely vulnerable to deception. Objectivity is important. For me the abandonment of right and wrong, for what is best, is objectivity. I am confident in what is true, absolute, I do not need to own it by being right.

When it comes to the discernment of image caution is advised. It is not a task suitable for all. If you lived my life; pure, fresh, pharmaceutical, L.S.D. would have been available to you. The people who used it did not have an equal consequence. It is not that their experience was different, it was their ability to cope. I assure you it is a much closer communion than any cracker you get at church. I am not recommending psychedelic experimentation, I am just stating the obvious.

Fraud. Is there anything in life exempt from it? Certainly this topic, the discernment of image, is ripe with it.

These images, they are real, in addition to creating them we are immersed in what is; not of our personal generation. Most of these images escape any confinement that we recognize as time. They have always existed. They are omnipotent. Nothing injuries them and we are not injured by them. It is how we organize ourselves to exist. It has to do with the obvious. Existence is not a temporary state. Incarnation is a temporal state, or temporary. It is a good state. We have the authority to make it better. Should we?

This is how we create the world we live in. We have the authority to imagine the world and we do. While we can use the imagination to see, what is, much of what we see is not true. We react to images created by others and in so doing create like images. There is an inert consensus, by this interaction, and we agree to see things as they are not. We can also step outside of these shadows to see, with imagination, what is true. It is not necessary to step outside of it. Except for the truth there is no existence. The shadowy realm depends on it and so even in the shadows we find satisfaction and fulfillment.

The Mystic Tourist

Secular Mysticism

Secular Mysticism. What is  Secular Mysticism? It is a direct, or empiric, devotion to God. It is a confidence in God that excludes the middleman. No doctrine. no dogma and no faith. It is a confidence in, the truth, the absolute, to be best understood, without the intervention of human institutions. It is a confidence that all of this is made clear by providence.

I am a secularist. I believe in empiric value. I think where and how I find myself is providence, that it is without accident. That the path I find myself on is the opportunity of greater realization and enlightenment. Anyone at any time can realize these things by simply choosing. It is certain that we each find our own path, where we stand, and that what we do and what we choose is acceptable. Secular Mysticism is a damnation free embrace that excludes no one.

This Secular Mystic believes in appointment. That enlightenment, fulfillment, satisfaction are only realized by the execution and presentation of  who I am as opposed to how. That providence, where and how I find myself at any time, always prioritizes and presents the one thing that best serves my success at any given time.

As a secularist I believe we are not all given the same task. That people find satisfaction without doing the things that I do or sharing my concerns. Enlightenment for some is just having a worthwhile life, that is who they are. With or without religion, people have satisfying lives that are worthwhile.

Secularism accepts things as they are. There is no predetermined condition that must be adhered to. Any condition is acceptable. Truth, understanding and compassion are absolute. This secularist believes that. They are the instruments I use as I work to negotiate what best to do. Secular Mysticism is the complete abandonment of right and wrong in preference for what is best.

I live this way because God dominates my life and always has. It is who I am, as well as how I am. My religious orientation was unsatisfying. The religion was, and is, fraught with lies and outright deception. Any curious person can easily find them and I could not reconcile myself with it. Some people do reconcile with it and are religious. That is perfectly acceptable to me. Some of us are Atheists or Agnostic. I have the same regard for them as any other. They are perfectly acceptable. Good for them.

None of us can escape what is true. That is what I believe. I am a Secular Mystic.

The Mystic Tourist

Subtle Awareness Image Imagination #2

This post completes my last post, Subtle Awareness Image Imagination #1.

What we think creates images. It is like a texture or filter of perception. These images are as a pool that we all share, that becomes a wall that creates a shadow, and we find ourselves in the dark. I think it is typical to assign blame for the darkness on the other contributors to the pool, or, to employ ignorance that allows us to deny the entire realm, of image. My default is to blame the others. That of course enables ignorance, because it is ignorance, and the darkness that is denial clouds my perception.

The only one who can keep us in this darkness is ourself, there is no other authority.

When we linger in this shadow and consider leaving, there is a sense of loneliness/ isolation, it seems few choose to leave the shelter of this shadow. It is the corrupting influence of ignorance and denial. There is a community beyond the shadow that is supportive/ comforting. Those who reside there are the likes of Ascendant Beings, Deva and Angels. Claiming awareness of such things is also isolating. You open yourself up to ridicule and any number of accusations. Fraud, Nut Case, whatever. It seems easier to wear the mask of darkness.

Another deterrent are some of the inhabitants of darkness. Satan’s  Demon’s, Devil’s. Like the darkness these are ‘Real’ but not true. I have given these considerable contemplation and have concluded that they are temporal in nature. They have no durable quality. We have also grossly overstated what they can do, they only wield influence. They do influence, it is true, but it is the jerk with a hand-gun who can really ruin your day. I am the only one who ever ruined my life, and, I was really good at it, on more than one occasion.

These Satan’s and the like can be a huge detriment, they deserve our respect. The only authority they have is the authority we give them by our determined choice. Regretfully, when we grant them access, it is with ignorance, even though it is a determined choice, and immediately, denial grants them cover. Their influence is largely incidental and we need not spend much concern on them. It is my observation that they are entirely our own creation and we can abandon them at will. They are just a part of our darkness where we claim ignorance and proudly brandish the lie of denial.

So, there you have it. I have met Satans, Demons, Devils, Angles, Ascendant Beings and Deva, so I believe they exist. It is easy when they walk right up and introduce themselves.

The Mystic Tourist

Subtle Awareness Image Imagination #1

Awareness is a fickle acquaintance. We have a primary distraction, flesh, blood and bone. Our incarnate form gives us a sense of priority and importance that is overstated. We tend to assign our gross nature greater importance than, I think, it is due. Clearly it is intended, and is, a temporary arrangement. We come to consider our sentiency as fundamentally physical. This orientation distracts. I think most of our experience is subtle, and, if we turn our attention to the subtle reality of image, we better appreciate our circumstance. Image is an aspect that has gained my attention, it is a place where I do much of my work.

I am uncomfortable with my last post, Divine Divination Divinity. It is contentious and has the feel of a rant, not so much for what I wrote, but, for what I wrote about. People are extremely sensitive about their religious persuasion. They take offence, even if it is unintended. The contention concerning the post existed beforehand and due to that it sounds like a rant. To use some pop from our culture, it is a pre-exiting condition. Of this, or any other point of contention, images are generated and, in concert, we all interact.

People, in my experience, generate images of themselves. These images then propagate the realm of image that we share. It can be a shadowy, murky, frightening place and so it is largely ignored. We pretend it does not exist. It is in this realm that we structure much of our perception. We forge alliances, agreements and rules that are usually unhelpful and harmful. These injurious parameters do not displace what is true about this realm. It is here that we find the truth of our person, the who of our how. It is much easier to ignore this place than acknowledge and discover it. Our collective rules implore us to do just that.

We have the creative authority to do what we want with it. It is our imagination that gives access to the subtle awareness of image. We use our imagination to see what is, or, to make-believe. It is usually to make-believe, but not in the way you are thinking. The most common use of imagination is ignorance. Ignorance is the parent of denial. This is how we craft the world that is pretend, not the world of image, but the world that denies it. If we choose to navigate this realm of image we have to distinguish between what is real, and, what is true. This not necessarily a task suitable for every person but certainly, appropriate for some.

In the collective denial of the images that propagate every aspect of life the use of those very images is required. There is an agreement of ignorance and the realm is littered with threats to enforce it. Although it can be found, there is little support for those who would venture here. There can be a great sense of loneliness and isolation.

I am of a mind that blog posting should be brief and so I will end this one here. I will extend, continue it, tomorrow. I will be up at four and begin working on it then.

The Mystic Tourist

Divine Divination Divinity

Culturally  I am still Catholic, I get no option there. I was born and raised Catholic and so it is my culture. I believe the religion’s that are Christian, are institutions of men, but not the man Jesus. The notion of man’s divine nature has always been attractive to me and that is what I take away from the story of Christ. I can accept the divinity of Christ, or any one else, only if they are everyday ordinary people. There is value in the story only if it is grounded in the ordinary life of an ordinary person.

The notion that a woman gave birth to God’s son is way over the top. Could God find a woman so alluring that she finds herself with God’s child. Wow. It is such a gross humanization of God that it is absurd and, if I believed in blaspheme, that God could be insulted, this would be it. But I don’t. Obviously women give birth, by human means, to other human beings. That is the value in the story; That this man discovered his divine nature.

What if God did procreate, with Mary, and create Gods-self in the image and likeness of man? Then this god-man could behave as God while pretending to be a man. What possible value is there in this mockery of our human existence. The reduction of  God to human wants and desire, that God finds a woman so attractive that she is with child, tells us nothing of God. We all know who finds a woman this way and how she comes to be with child. That it is God is a divine farce and God is not like us in this way.

I have no problem with the details of the life of Jesus as presented in The Bible. I think it tells us of how we naturally are. It is not the story of  God, it is the story of man, of the human condition. It is not a story of, the one man who could, it is the story of a man who did. There are other men and other stories. He is not alone. The religious dogma would have us believe all sorts of things. They just are not true. We can see for ourselves the nature of things and any truth would have to present itself, naturally.

I believe the story of Jesus and I think it has been and will be repeated, because it is human nature. Who would want to do it? His story is, that for his efforts, for his compassion, he was abandoned by his friends and brutally murdered. By the fourth century we had defined him as if only God could be Jesus. Women do not give birth to God. Please let us agree on that.

Some will find this post insulting. That intent is absent. I do think Christian doctrine is insulting to Christians. Dogma always is injurious. No man is God and God is no man. That would seem obvious. I do think man has a divine nature, perhaps because nature is divine.

Of course this post is a matter of opinion. Please accept it as such.

Divination, you may have noticed that in the title. It is my clever ploy to use Key Words to help Google index my site. So people will find it. Of course I will write about divination, I use it everyday. That will be another post, this one is longer than I would like.

The Mystic Tourist

Pantheism Panentheism God

Pantheism and Panentheism. The sensibilities embodied in these philosophies have long been dear to me. Reverence for earth, for nature, does seem a fundamental appointment of our circumstance. Providence certainly has found us here on earth and there could be no better way to honor God than reverence through nature. The notion of Pantheism, that God is all things, does not feel right to me. Panentheism has God being in all things but greater than that. My sense is that all alludes to God, who is neither the sum of all things, nor in any way contained by being in all things. That we are sentient beings, aware of the world around us, gives us the opportunity to consider God. This, I think, is the nature of the relationship between ourselves, things and God. Our sentiency gives awareness to things and we then consider God.

Consciousness, awareness and sentiency, like anything else that we can experience or be aware of, exist. I believe all that does exist always has existed and always will exist. There is a constant evolution of what is but never an addition or subtraction from it. It is these attributes of existence that, I think, point to the existence of God. A consciousness, awareness and sentiency that exists, with or without us. That is to say I do not think these qualities are caused by our existence, by the evolution of matter into what we are.

The Mystic Tourist

Considering Creation

As a mystic I have contemplated creation. I have no problem with creation, I think it is how we are here. I place no faith in book’s, especially book’s falsely represented as the word of God. Any book represented as God’s word is falsely represented. As an example I will bring up the obvious, the bible. The many author’s in the bible are named. Not one of them is named God.

Do we really have so little confidence in God that we assign Gods word to the work of men? Please surrender your faith in book’s, the doctrines fashioned from them, and restore your confidence in God. There is no doctrine fashioned of the work of men that can be attributed to God. God deserves our confidence, and humanity, men and women, deserve our respect. It is disrespectful for any human being to claim the authority of God, by manuscript or any other means. It is dishonest. Only God can represent God.

Yes I believe in creation and I believe in God. Yes I believe in evolution, science and what can be observed in our natural world. My belief is without conflict. It is also without dogma and so it adapts to the world as it is. I am certain that God does or does not exist, no matter what I do things are as they are, I believe in God. I can allude to God but only God represents God.

In considering creation it is apparent to me that the past and the future are carried by one thing. It is clear to me that nothing ever happened in the past and nothing will ever happen in the future. The past is carried to the future and as such is the same thing. The only time anything ever happens is in the  moment of now. The past and the future are created simultaneously, now. All that ever can or will exist does exist now. Nothing escapes it. It seems that if now is not creation it is at least its moment.

The Mystic Tourist

Sentient Matrix

How is it that we actually communicate and know each other? It has been my observation that these arrangements are more circumstantial than we care to admit. That we live in a matrix of conductivity. I think there is a matrix of sentiency by which we are all connected that is ignored. Collectively we deny it.

Sitting in my car in traffic, often at a stop, I think to myself, who is staring at me? Instinctively I turn my head to look, not in some random direction, but directly at some person who is actually staring at me. For those of us who live in an urban environment, and are out and about, it is pretty much an every day experience. I suppose there are some of us so distracted that they do not take notice, but generally, this is a common experience for all of us, and, it is communication. Of course this brings to mind what else is communicated by this means? I think most of what we communicate is by this means and what we consider communication, words and such, are a distraction. That we can recognize someone staring at us and turn to look, tells us more about communication than the words we use.

Collectively we deny it. This matrix is a collective and has common rules. This of course is what I think. Its basis is the experience, I have, in my life. Early in life, when we are learning our person, and struggling to interact in our world, we encounter this matrix. Socially a huge part of this matrix are the rules we impose concerning it. Largely these rules are counterproductive and injurious to our nature. Ascribing to these rules so early in our life begins an intricate web of rational thought and we begin to accept things as they are not. To step outside of this web and exercise our true capabilities is a vexing problem as we have already agreed that things are as we collectively accept them. We have spent our whole life building and maintaining that fortress. We know it well, every room, every passage, and have convinced ourself’s of its limitation. I think I have an aptitude for this broader, simultaneous experience, that we all have and yet deny.

It is difficult for me to step outside of the limitations I have placed on myself. There is an inert acceptance that it is someone else’s fault. The rule’s preceded me; that is just another empty room in the lonely fortress.

I expect to leave my tired and dusty fortress but I am afraid.

The Mystic Tourist

Mysticism is Life

Mysticism and life, the terms are interchangeable in my life. Providence assures that there is always one appointment, that when kept, brings us closer to realizing our best success. The presentation reminds me of a kaleidoscope. No matter what we do the there is the constant meshing and grinding that is circumstance. Of this, appointment is to be gleaned.

I think this blog is part of the kaleidoscopic presentation of appointment that brings about my best success. As I look to make sense and decide what best to do, I use divination. I use a swing rod. Divination is a way to comprehend what we already understand. I am constantly expecting to finally get it. That it will all make sense. Obviously it already makes sense. Everything adds up to the experience we have. There is no missing thing and divination helps to sort out this obvious fact. It is a simple way to calm the mind a see what is already there.

As to my blog I have had to step back and assess how to proceed. At least usually, in any new enterprise, there is a time of vertical learning. There is so much to learn that the learning curve is vertical. That is the nerve-racking moment I am enjoying. I am plodding along. I have been researching, Search Engine Optimization, it is essential to successful blogging. Toward that end I did research and buy a new computer. I was using a Windows 98 platform to run Windows 2000. It is still a good system for word processing but this dinosaur, long ago, was abandoned by the internet. I can now do my research and web management with greater ease and comfort. I expect it to be a big help. It certainly optimizes my web experience and dramatically improves any web search activity.

The Mystic Tourist will now attempt a more successful blogging experience and, the fulfillment of, my best success.

The Mystic Tourist