Anger: My Masquerade

Anger is always a mask for some other pain or suffering. Never honest it is always a distraction. It is a rut that I find easy to track. I hear its echo and it is a siren who draws me in. The habits of my mind begin the subtle work to secure it.

Fortunately this is no longer the problem it once was for me. I no longer throw myself against the proverbial wall, but, I can still feel the pain. It is difficult for me to distance myself from such an old and trusted acquaintance. Again this farce of difficulty is just an issue of familiarity, and, the true difficulty is in not addressing the underling issue.

It is easy to take the injury that accompanies life and fashion a rational to secure it. Structures of thought give us a framework to forgive and release ,or, build a harbour that collects. Fortunately good habit’s are as tenacious as bad. The good work I have done remains secure and I find myself having to address a familiar problem. I allowed a difficulty in my life to act as a collector. I have now to let the collection go and give the strength of my character its due notice.

I have written before about appointment. That appointment is always present and we have to choose whether or not to keep it. My appointment, again, is this familiar collector, anger. It is always best to let it go.

The Mystic Tourist

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