Voices In My Head

Yes, I hear voices. They are my own. There is habitual repetition and a struggle concerning it. The racket caused of habit asserts itself at every opportunity, in every circumstance. Just now at the onset of, The Mystic Tourist, it is about exposure. How much to reveal. Perhaps I do not want know it myself.

As I work this post I can feel rage heaving itself. Then, like a switch, it recedes to the background and is suspiciously quiet. It is caused by me and the habit’s of my mind. My personality is singular and I do not so much choose, who, I am, as how. It is like having more than one person to choose from. How will I be who I am? It is up to me.

Today rage is quite manageable. It is not the dominant force that once ruled my life. It does however skew priority and until I quiet it, it remains my appointment. The task at hand. Working on the Tourist is bringing this appointment to its fruition.

There is a part of me who truly wants to hide from view. I shall see if I can bring him out.

The Mystic Tourist.

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