Mysticism is Life

Mysticism and life, the terms are interchangeable in my life. Providence assures that there is always one appointment, that when kept, brings us closer to realizing our best success. The presentation reminds me of a kaleidoscope. No matter what we do the there is the constant meshing and grinding that is circumstance. Of this, appointment is to be gleaned.

I think this blog is part of the kaleidoscopic presentation of appointment that brings about my best success. As I look to make sense and decide what best to do, I use divination. I use a swing rod. Divination is a way to comprehend what we already understand. I am constantly expecting to finally get it. That it will all make sense. Obviously it already makes sense. Everything adds up to the experience we have. There is no missing thing and divination helps to sort out this obvious fact. It is a simple way to calm the mind a see what is already there.

As to my blog I have had to step back and assess how to proceed. At least usually, in any new enterprise, there is a time of vertical learning. There is so much to learn that the learning curve is vertical. That is the nerve-racking moment I am enjoying. I am plodding along. I have been researching, Search Engine Optimization, it is essential to successful blogging. Toward that end I did research and buy a new computer. I was using a Windows 98 platform to run Windows 2000. It is still a good system for word processing but this dinosaur, long ago, was abandoned by the internet. I can now do my research and web management with greater ease and comfort. I expect it to be a big help. It certainly optimizes my web experience and dramatically improves any web search activity.

The Mystic Tourist will now attempt a more successful blogging experience and, the fulfillment of, my best success.

The Mystic Tourist

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