Considering Creation

As a mystic I have contemplated creation. I have no problem with creation, I think it is how we are here. I place no faith in book’s, especially book’s falsely represented as the word of God. Any book represented as God’s word is falsely represented. As an example I will bring up the obvious, the bible. The many author’s in the bible are named. Not one of them is named God.

Do we really have so little confidence in God that we assign Gods word to the work of men? Please surrender your faith in book’s, the doctrines fashioned from them, and restore your confidence in God. There is no doctrine fashioned of the work of men that can be attributed to God. God deserves our confidence, and humanity, men and women, deserve our respect. It is disrespectful for any human being to claim the authority of God, by manuscript or any other means. It is dishonest. Only God can represent God.

Yes I believe in creation and I believe in God. Yes I believe in evolution, science and what can be observed in our natural world. My belief is without conflict. It is also without dogma and so it adapts to the world as it is. I am certain that God does or does not exist, no matter what I do things are as they are, I believe in God. I can allude to God but only God represents God.

In considering creation it is apparent to me that the past and the future are carried by one thing. It is clear to me that nothing ever happened in the past and nothing will ever happen in the future. The past is carried to the future and as such is the same thing. The only time anything ever happens is in the  moment of now. The past and the future are created simultaneously, now. All that ever can or will exist does exist now. Nothing escapes it. It seems that if now is not creation it is at least its moment.

The Mystic Tourist

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