Divine Divination Divinity

Culturally  I am still Catholic, I get no option there. I was born and raised Catholic and so it is my culture. I believe the religion’s that are Christian, are institutions of men, but not the man Jesus. The notion of man’s divine nature has always been attractive to me and that is what I take away from the story of Christ. I can accept the divinity of Christ, or any one else, only if they are everyday ordinary people. There is value in the story only if it is grounded in the ordinary life of an ordinary person.

The notion that a woman gave birth to God’s son is way over the top. Could God find a woman so alluring that she finds herself with God’s child. Wow. It is such a gross humanization of God that it is absurd and, if I believed in blaspheme, that God could be insulted, this would be it. But I don’t. Obviously women give birth, by human means, to other human beings. That is the value in the story; That this man discovered his divine nature.

What if God did procreate, with Mary, and create Gods-self in the image and likeness of man? Then this god-man could behave as God while pretending to be a man. What possible value is there in this mockery of our human existence. The reduction of  God to human wants and desire, that God finds a woman so attractive that she is with child, tells us nothing of God. We all know who finds a woman this way and how she comes to be with child. That it is God is a divine farce and God is not like us in this way.

I have no problem with the details of the life of Jesus as presented in The Bible. I think it tells us of how we naturally are. It is not the story of  God, it is the story of man, of the human condition. It is not a story of, the one man who could, it is the story of a man who did. There are other men and other stories. He is not alone. The religious dogma would have us believe all sorts of things. They just are not true. We can see for ourselves the nature of things and any truth would have to present itself, naturally.

I believe the story of Jesus and I think it has been and will be repeated, because it is human nature. Who would want to do it? His story is, that for his efforts, for his compassion, he was abandoned by his friends and brutally murdered. By the fourth century we had defined him as if only God could be Jesus. Women do not give birth to God. Please let us agree on that.

Some will find this post insulting. That intent is absent. I do think Christian doctrine is insulting to Christians. Dogma always is injurious. No man is God and God is no man. That would seem obvious. I do think man has a divine nature, perhaps because nature is divine.

Of course this post is a matter of opinion. Please accept it as such.

Divination, you may have noticed that in the title. It is my clever ploy to use Key Words to help Google index my site. So people will find it. Of course I will write about divination, I use it everyday. That will be another post, this one is longer than I would like.

The Mystic Tourist

5 thoughts on “Divine Divination Divinity

  1. Your post is not blasphemy at all. Much of the Bible, N.T. and O.T., is allegorical rather than literal. So to with the immaculate birth.

    They say that a few people are born mystics, have realized from birth the divinity we all share and never lost it. This seems to be true of Jesus Christ.

    “The Kingdom of God is within” may have been Jesus’ most profound teaching. A person may have been aware of that divinity while a child, but forgot it as their ego and individuality were formed.

    Some people again realize it in later years; too many never regain that awareness.

    • Thanks Ron, I appreciate the confirmation. I am without blaspheme. It belongs to the social political institutions that are religions. God could not possibly be insulted, offended or threatened by us in any way. There could be no sin against God, we only sin against ourselves.

      I agree with your assessment of our divine nature, how we find ourselves with it and get distracted from it.

      I suspect that Jesus new this full range. That he also became distracted, then found redress, and realized his divine heritage. Of course it is pure speculation, but it feels right. He becomes more accessible and I like the archetype.

  2. Hi, I am from Australia.

    A “secular” mystic is an oxymoron.

    The now world dominant secular world-view in which we now all trapped has eliminated even the possibility of an authentic Divine Life from the world.

  3. John,
    By “secular” we mean not being attached to any one religion or specific religious view.

    We both believe in a the possibility of an authentic Divine Life ‘in this world.’

    The most prominent mystics have been religious, but you do not have to be religious to be a mystic.


  4. John,
    I appreciate your interest in my blog. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Concerning, Avatar Adi Da, the little research I have done leaves me uninterested. He is not the sort of influence I care to associate with.

    As to your comment’s about Secularism and Divine Life, Ron and I are in agreement.

    Thank You.

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