Subtle Awareness Image Imagination #1

Awareness is a fickle acquaintance. We have a primary distraction, flesh, blood and bone. Our incarnate form gives us a sense of priority and importance that is overstated. We tend to assign our gross nature greater importance than, I think, it is due. Clearly it is intended, and is, a temporary arrangement. We come to consider our sentiency as fundamentally physical. This orientation distracts. I think most of our experience is subtle, and, if we turn our attention to the subtle reality of image, we better appreciate our circumstance. Image is an aspect that has gained my attention, it is a place where I do much of my work.

I am uncomfortable with my last post, Divine Divination Divinity. It is contentious and has the feel of a rant, not so much for what I wrote, but, for what I wrote about. People are extremely sensitive about their religious persuasion. They take offence, even if it is unintended. The contention concerning the post existed beforehand and due to that it sounds like a rant. To use some pop from our culture, it is a pre-exiting condition. Of this, or any other point of contention, images are generated and, in concert, we all interact.

People, in my experience, generate images of themselves. These images then propagate the realm of image that we share. It can be a shadowy, murky, frightening place and so it is largely ignored. We pretend it does not exist. It is in this realm that we structure much of our perception. We forge alliances, agreements and rules that are usually unhelpful and harmful. These injurious parameters do not displace what is true about this realm. It is here that we find the truth of our person, the who of our how. It is much easier to ignore this place than acknowledge and discover it. Our collective rules implore us to do just that.

We have the creative authority to do what we want with it. It is our imagination that gives access to the subtle awareness of image. We use our imagination to see what is, or, to make-believe. It is usually to make-believe, but not in the way you are thinking. The most common use of imagination is ignorance. Ignorance is the parent of denial. This is how we craft the world that is pretend, not the world of image, but the world that denies it. If we choose to navigate this realm of image we have to distinguish between what is real, and, what is true. This not necessarily a task suitable for every person but certainly, appropriate for some.

In the collective denial of the images that propagate every aspect of life the use of those very images is required. There is an agreement of ignorance and the realm is littered with threats to enforce it. Although it can be found, there is little support for those who would venture here. There can be a great sense of loneliness and isolation.

I am of a mind that blog posting should be brief and so I will end this one here. I will extend, continue it, tomorrow. I will be up at four and begin working on it then.

The Mystic Tourist

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