Subtle Awareness Image Imagination #2

This post completes my last post, Subtle Awareness Image Imagination #1.

What we think creates images. It is like a texture or filter of perception. These images are as a pool that we all share, that becomes a wall that creates a shadow, and we find ourselves in the dark. I think it is typical to assign blame for the darkness on the other contributors to the pool, or, to employ ignorance that allows us to deny the entire realm, of image. My default is to blame the others. That of course enables ignorance, because it is ignorance, and the darkness that is denial clouds my perception.

The only one who can keep us in this darkness is ourself, there is no other authority.

When we linger in this shadow and consider leaving, there is a sense of loneliness/ isolation, it seems few choose to leave the shelter of this shadow. It is the corrupting influence of ignorance and denial. There is a community beyond the shadow that is supportive/ comforting. Those who reside there are the likes of Ascendant Beings, Deva and Angels. Claiming awareness of such things is also isolating. You open yourself up to ridicule and any number of accusations. Fraud, Nut Case, whatever. It seems easier to wear the mask of darkness.

Another deterrent are some of the inhabitants of darkness. Satan’s  Demon’s, Devil’s. Like the darkness these are ‘Real’ but not true. I have given these considerable contemplation and have concluded that they are temporal in nature. They have no durable quality. We have also grossly overstated what they can do, they only wield influence. They do influence, it is true, but it is the jerk with a hand-gun who can really ruin your day. I am the only one who ever ruined my life, and, I was really good at it, on more than one occasion.

These Satan’s and the like can be a huge detriment, they deserve our respect. The only authority they have is the authority we give them by our determined choice. Regretfully, when we grant them access, it is with ignorance, even though it is a determined choice, and immediately, denial grants them cover. Their influence is largely incidental and we need not spend much concern on them. It is my observation that they are entirely our own creation and we can abandon them at will. They are just a part of our darkness where we claim ignorance and proudly brandish the lie of denial.

So, there you have it. I have met Satans, Demons, Devils, Angles, Ascendant Beings and Deva, so I believe they exist. It is easy when they walk right up and introduce themselves.

The Mystic Tourist

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