Secular Mysticism

Secular Mysticism. What is  Secular Mysticism? It is a direct, or empiric, devotion to God. It is a confidence in God that excludes the middleman. No doctrine. no dogma and no faith. It is a confidence in, the truth, the absolute, to be best understood, without the intervention of human institutions. It is a confidence that all of this is made clear by providence.

I am a secularist. I believe in empiric value. I think where and how I find myself is providence, that it is without accident. That the path I find myself on is the opportunity of greater realization and enlightenment. Anyone at any time can realize these things by simply choosing. It is certain that we each find our own path, where we stand, and that what we do and what we choose is acceptable. Secular Mysticism is a damnation free embrace that excludes no one.

This Secular Mystic believes in appointment. That enlightenment, fulfillment, satisfaction are only realized by the execution and presentation of  who I am as opposed to how. That providence, where and how I find myself at any time, always prioritizes and presents the one thing that best serves my success at any given time.

As a secularist I believe we are not all given the same task. That people find satisfaction without doing the things that I do or sharing my concerns. Enlightenment for some is just having a worthwhile life, that is who they are. With or without religion, people have satisfying lives that are worthwhile.

Secularism accepts things as they are. There is no predetermined condition that must be adhered to. Any condition is acceptable. Truth, understanding and compassion are absolute. This secularist believes that. They are the instruments I use as I work to negotiate what best to do. Secular Mysticism is the complete abandonment of right and wrong in preference for what is best.

I live this way because God dominates my life and always has. It is who I am, as well as how I am. My religious orientation was unsatisfying. The religion was, and is, fraught with lies and outright deception. Any curious person can easily find them and I could not reconcile myself with it. Some people do reconcile with it and are religious. That is perfectly acceptable to me. Some of us are Atheists or Agnostic. I have the same regard for them as any other. They are perfectly acceptable. Good for them.

None of us can escape what is true. That is what I believe. I am a Secular Mystic.

The Mystic Tourist

3 thoughts on “Secular Mysticism

  1. I believe in secular mysticism, too. You don’t have to be religious to be a mystic. You don’t even have to believe in God, although many of them do use that word. Theirs might be the “God beyond God,” that Meister Eckhart spoke of…that shared spiritual essence which unites all of existence.

    The Holy Spirit of Christianity is al-Haqq in Islam, Brahman in Hinduism, Dharmakaya or Nirvana in Buddhism, and Ein Sof in the Kabbalah of Judaism. These are some words for the essence of the divine One, which both penetrates and exceeds everything. It is the ultimate reality regardless of what we call it.

      • Hello Abdu. Secularism is the vacancy of religious ideology. Of theology. An acceptance of things as they are, without an intermediating authority. God, truth, is self evident. There is no need for the social-political trappings of religion if ones quest is truth, and understanding.

        As for the Divine, there is no escape from our Divine origin. Without the Divine, nothing would exist. The Divine is omnipresent. Omnipotent.

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