Secular Creation and Circumstance

Being secular and finding confidence empirically, I trust experience. I place my confidence in what is true: absolute. Making no determination as to right or wrong I strive for what seems best. I accept that things are as they are, but not necessarily, as they seem. It is not important for me to own the experience. I am comfortable accepting it. Objectivity is my constant ambition.

Certainly when considering subtlety, such as the nature of  image, it is of great benefit to remain objective. When I write of  image I am referring to shapes, forms or any thing that presents itself in the mind as if it were tangible, and yet it has no physical existence. We can, and do, recognize image. We have to accept, not all image we recognize, necessarily, is generated by our imagination. The imagination, in my experience, does see what is. We do generate image, and, imagine it to have some independent origin, when it does not. We can also clear our mind so that images independent of it can be recognized.  We can ignore all images; determined that they do not exist. Some people are so sensitive that the images damage their mental health and wellness. This area of our perception is extremely vulnerable to deception. Objectivity is important. For me the abandonment of right and wrong, for what is best, is objectivity. I am confident in what is true, absolute, I do not need to own it by being right.

When it comes to the discernment of image caution is advised. It is not a task suitable for all. If you lived my life; pure, fresh, pharmaceutical, L.S.D. would have been available to you. The people who used it did not have an equal consequence. It is not that their experience was different, it was their ability to cope. I assure you it is a much closer communion than any cracker you get at church. I am not recommending psychedelic experimentation, I am just stating the obvious.

Fraud. Is there anything in life exempt from it? Certainly this topic, the discernment of image, is ripe with it.

These images, they are real, in addition to creating them we are immersed in what is; not of our personal generation. Most of these images escape any confinement that we recognize as time. They have always existed. They are omnipotent. Nothing injuries them and we are not injured by them. It is how we organize ourselves to exist. It has to do with the obvious. Existence is not a temporary state. Incarnation is a temporal state, or temporary. It is a good state. We have the authority to make it better. Should we?

This is how we create the world we live in. We have the authority to imagine the world and we do. While we can use the imagination to see, what is, much of what we see is not true. We react to images created by others and in so doing create like images. There is an inert consensus, by this interaction, and we agree to see things as they are not. We can also step outside of these shadows to see, with imagination, what is true. It is not necessary to step outside of it. Except for the truth there is no existence. The shadowy realm depends on it and so even in the shadows we find satisfaction and fulfillment.

The Mystic Tourist

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