Searching For Secular Mystics

I am forever searching for blogs similar to mine. I know there are people who think and feel as I do, they do not seem to be blogging. I am a secularist who believes in truth, in what actually is. In God. The notion that God needs an intermediary seems absurd. Typically the God found in religion is defined by men and that can not be God. Additionally, religion, has been propagating lies and falsehoods for thousands of years. This stuff is easy to discover and those who care to look, find it. Yes religion does many good things and I respect that. I think for some people religion is good. They are able to overlook its human condition and find the underling value. God. But I am a secularist looking for a dialog about what might actually be true. I am also a mystic. My experience is mystical.

This post is about my quest for like-minded bloggers. I have found Ron Krumpos. He is not a blogger, at least not that I know of, but he does have an online book, it represents his interest in mysticism. I have enjoyed my exchange with Ron. In my quest I have come across many Christian sites. Largely these folks are not interested in open dialog. It is really quite sad. They are so weighted by preconception that they are blind. One woman, at a site that gets a lot of traffic, was espousing her New Testament inspired hatred. It is her site! I commented that I did not think Jesus was into hatred. She tried to explain that is was OK because God hated. There was a lot of Bible quoting and in the end she could not understand why I thought she was saying that God was hateful. Another woman there really ripped me up with all sorts of Bible quotes to prove her rightness with God. If it was not so sad it would be funny.

Enough of the disappointment. I have found other sites that have been welcoming, at least for now. Certainly Ron Krumpos has been refreshing and encouraging. I have found this site, Rock And Theology. They seem to be open to dialog and to date have not taken down my comments or blocked me. Without contest the site most like mine, that I have found is, Unreasonable Faith. Those guys are Atheists but they post some really interesting stuff and welcome dialog. They are like my site in that we think a lot alike, we have mutual interests.

If  you read this Blog and know of sites that might interest me please comment or send me an email, . I would like to create a Blog Roll.

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