Image Construction

We construct the image that we live in. I have written quite a lot about ignorance, denial and collective nature. These are some of the materials we use to construct the image that is our home. They are the material of image and every bit as substantive as matter. I have been working to rehabilitate an image I built years ago. It was a fantastic experience and is a fantastic place. It seems like the lights are off, someone forgot to pay the bill. The place has not changed and so there is something else amiss. I think I may be nearing re-cognition.

It is a place that exploded into my awareness while I was attempting to figure it out. Bang, a completed place I found myself in. What a kick. I have toiled over this long and long looking to see, what is amiss why does the place seem so vacant. It is apparent that I am what has been missing. I can restore it by drawing to it what it needs. It is a collective process that I think is well under way. We do not own these places we only inhabit them if we choose.

When we build our home with ignorance and such we do not see its wonder. We live in the dark only because we build with it. I can draw to this place what gives it light. I just have to figure it out,to figure myself out. Do the math.

The Mystic Tourist

Bringing Myself to Completion

The capability of the human being to influence and manipulate is only just now being fully appreciated. Our ability to consider things objectively through the intense subjectivity of science has taught us and continues to teach us a great deal. I touched on this in an earlier posts. I wrote of Wim Hof and I wrote of placebos. There are links in those posts that highlight the scientific inquiry on those topics. I am of course considering our ability to influence our own health and being and the scientific proof.

I am confident that our influence has a very broad reach that has yet to be documented scientifically. In considering placebos there is much that we do know. They actually work. If you conduct a double-blind scientific study in which the placebo alone affects a clinical cure, thirty percent of the time, you have to assume the group that had the cure also experienced the placebo. Thirty percent of that group was also cured simply by the placebo. This tells a great deal about how we are, or are not, well. Much of it seems to be a simple matter of discretion. It also seems obvious that being involved in the study acts as a catalyst. It is apparent that oftentimes we simply choose our level of wellness.

In this haphazard way we can begin to see how it is that we are well. It seems some people are able to harness this authority more affectively than others. I think we casually apply it all the time and that we are capable of much much more. If we are able to initiate wellness so effortlessly we must be doing the same to achieve disease.

I believe this scientific proof alludes to something much broader, much more inclusive, much more significant. I think we have only just begun to consider what it is we actually control and influence. There are historical figures we assign this broad control to and take comfort in anticipating some future person or event. It is just an excuse not to accept the responsibility ourselves. Any human person who walks this earth arrived here in the same manner as we all do. We are wired the same way and so what one might do we all can do. It is true we have different challenges. We have the same tools but different appointments. Collectively we understand something and collectively we deny it. I am at a loss as to why but I am sure, that as we all do, I understand it.

I continue to believe that completion, divine life and enlightenment are my appointment. That is my reason to bother, it is my motivation. Even if it amounts to naught it gives me enjoyment and something to do. For that alone it is worth it. I will keep you posted.

The Mystic Tourist

Being the Difference

Ignorance is what is keeping us away, isolating us by and pushing us into failed agendas, distinct from knowing our potential. The whole of humanity is engaged in this. We find that it is the environment the atmosphere the condition of life. Original Sin. It is the way things are with or without us. A preexisting condition. What can we possibly do, in such an environment, to fulfill that potential?

First we have to negotiate the ignorance. It is part of how we actually are. We must accept it and own our place before we can venture a successful fulfillment of potential. We are like the rest, exactly the same. This is the first step. This affords us the humility required to be the difference. If you can not walk the walk there is no credibility and we must accept that we alone are responsible for our condition. It is this sameness that is value that connects us to others. It is easy to find ourself blaming the environment or the people in our community as being responsible for our condition. It is the way things are and so there can be no course independent, or free, of these preexisting constraints. Generally we have already accepted these parameters and we must bring our focus to bear where and how we are.

Once agreeing that we make the difference and accepting our place we are charged with discovery. Potential can only be satisfied when we take the steps to where appointment, the one best thing to do at any given time, is constant. We alone are given this responsibility. No one can tell us how to do it or where to go. It is something each of us is intimately familiar with. As sure as our heart knows how to beat we know the way. It is our collective ignorance that is most vexing, there seems no community beyond its reach. The community is there and there are many who live in anticipation that this potential be met.

In the end nothing is different as nothing can be different than what actually is. The difference is that people do not usually realize their full potential and so it seems different.

The Mystic Tourist

Owning Responsibility

Responsibility alone is our possession. We bring nothing here and when we leave, nothing goes with us. We are charged only with being responsible and, for better or worse, it is what we are. Collecting is just that. Should we collect wealth it comes with responsibility and wealth is measured in many ways. What of gifts? We are a gifted sort. Do our gifts carry responsibility? I think they do.

The secreted gift has no value. The value of anything remains unknown unless it is displayed. It is gratifying to display ones gifts and there is value in appreciating them. It is a shared value. Shared values strengthen us building what is good for a group and lending that to community. It is our responsibility. We only need to act responsible to bring its value into our group and community. The act of being responsible affects all that we do. The hidden gift also hides responsibility.

There can be no appreciation of what is not known and hidden gifts are injurious. We are familiar enough with ourself to hide our gifts. To do this we employ the usual talents of ignorance and denial. It works great; we don’t even know they are there. This gives us a feeling of dissatisfaction, emptiness, isolation. We want something but we do not know what it is. The key to discovery is responsibility. We can accept that our dissatisfaction is our doing and resolve to address it. It is a deliberate process and so it is work. We are more likely, I think, to create distractions. To use the energy born of ignorance and denial to fuel activity.

We get through life this way with varying degrees of happiness and accept it as being the way things are. And it is. I suspect some of us bear a more significant responsibility than do others, a sort of catalyst.

The Mystic Tourist

Secular Definition

The definition that best applies and lends support giving us true possibility of recognizing our identity is secular. Allowing what is, its own voice, makes the most sense to me. As a secularist I accept the sacred value of all that exists. I make no distinction that one thing is sacred and another not. One behavior sacred and another, not so much, that is nonsense. I do not go to church because church is where I am, in the sacred surroundings of all that exists.

Opinion vents perspective making an allusion to what is self-evident. My perspective is what I am charged with nurturing fashioning it with observation absent of ownership. In other words I do not have to be right. I am quite comfortable to accept things as they are regardless of my opinion. This is a secular sensibility. I am comfortable to fashion my opinion certain that it carries no value other than that. I am comfortable to experience the truth without having to own it by knowing it, by being right. I am confident in the durability of truth with or without my consent.

I am mystic, I concern myself with the absolute. It does not need me to defend it or to form a group to represent it. There is no rigor to test a persons worth concerning it. I can not harm it by my action or inaction. I can empty my person of fixed notions about it and thus create a suitable harbor, a place of acquaintance and familiarity. This is the quest of Mysticism. To realize a state of acquaintance and familiarity with truth.

It is not possible to own truth or the absolute. The limit of being a person prohibits it. Truth or any absolute can not be contained. There can be no existence without what is absolute and so that which does exist can represent, acquaint and be familiar with it.

The Mystic Tourist

Creative Habit

Habit. No matter what our habit is it has a tenacity that is formidable. Due to this it is creativity. We create ourselves with habit. We have the authority and responsibility to control our habit but it seems the norm to let habit be in control.

All habits have a lynch pin we can disengage. It is just one pin and always the same. That pin is our personal identity. It is how we consider ourselves to be. We can always make a new measure of this consideration and amend any habit we choose. To discover our pure identity we refine all habit to just one habit.

What is this one habit that reveals ourself to ourself? It is the habit of surrender. To accept things as they are by consent. We often have some inner struggle or friction a state that is familiar. We have some condition that is our normal state and tends to obscure who we are with an argument regarding how we are. The intimacy of this relationship presents a challenge. Of course it is easy to accept and give consent to our condition. Questing for the person of preference, a reduction of self to what is pure, requires additional steps beyond acknowledging our condition.

All that constructs our disposition is also our personal identity. That which is our habit supports this automatically. We can take responsibility for this condition, understanding it is wholly our doing, and shape it as we choose. We create the person we are by our habit. We can use consent, surrender, to release the grip of unwanted habit. We can establish a habit that is a constant state of surrender and consent allowing only that which is pure to be what represents our disposition, our personal identity. It is a state that is fluid due to our appointment; the measure of circumstance that is our best choice. We find ourself in the Divine State when our appointment runs current with our circumstance. We can find ourself in-sync so we are attending always to just the one best appointment at any given time.

This is how we create ourself and take responsibility. We can use the Divine State of the kept appointment to reduce all appointment to just one appointment and discover our pure state. Enlightenment.

The Mystic Tourist

Worth the Bother

There is a nagging little comment that pops up in my head ‘Its it worth it’. It is a phantom I might chase and thus prevent myself from other activities. I know well how these things work. Work is the operative term. Should I manage to stay focused on this project its worth will be revealed. I expect to be surprised.

I work on the structures that support the person I am. It is a structure of image. Thought forms are images. The nagging thought, Is it worth it, is a powerful example. It is a question and it occupies until it is met with an answer. It is a source of, and, a constant stress that can only be satisfied with resolve. Many of us collect these things and carry then around. They interfere with what we might otherwise be doing even if that is just being happier or at better ease. I like to identify these things and disassemble them to quiet my mind and clear my perception.

The images we generate with our thought are as an atmosphere whose gravity is the individual and then the community. Much can be done about this but, is it worth the bother? Personally, for me, the bother is in not doing it.

The Mystic Tourist