Phantoms and Useless Agendas

Much of my mystic experience is visual. I have an awareness that includes the recognition of image. When I was a young boy I would introduce people to images I could see and other people could not. The much maligned imaginary friend. Like most children who have this sensitivity I abandoned it. Typically in my culture there is little support for imaginary friends. Such beings are transparent. It is easy to ignore and deny their existence.

What are these images that have the apparent ability to present themselves? To seemingly walk right up and introduce themselves. In my experience there is an endless variety of image and not all images are created equal. Much of this image is caused by us. It is generated by the friction between personalities. Other images seem to have a sentiency, awareness and independence much like you or I.

I will refer to the images caused by interpersonal friction as Phantoms. As near as I can tell they are ignored, pretty much by everyone. That does complicate honest discussion and obscure what is true, but, it does not change truth. These phantoms have been an ongoing distraction for me for some time. They can be so annoying that it seems easier to ignore them. Apparently, everybody else does, and that is quite an incentive. As a person with mystic sensibilities I can not ignore this stuff. The cost is too great. For me it requires a willful determination to deny a fundamental part of my person. Subsequently my life begins to spiral in a direction that is unpleasant. The alternative to this negative spiral is to engage the phantoms.

In my post, Devil’s and Detail’s, I wrote about this. My transparency image and affirmation, has proven effective. I think and imagine transparency and allow these phantoms to pass. I have spent some time collecting these things and it is work to let them go. That is due to the habits of mind. Any habit seeks to replicate itself. It is nature.

For me these friction-based phantoms trigger an irritability and it is easy to feel as if the fault belongs to someone else. That mind-set strengthens the phantom and begins the collecting process by which darkness is achieved. To change these cycles one simply has to change their mind. It is necessary to create a new habit of mind and establish a new bearing. Habits are created by repetition and then they repeat themselves. The mind changing process initiated by, my transparency image and affirmation, creates transparency. A state of mind that facilitates compassion and understanding; instead of collecting what is, and does cause, darkness, it lets it go. It is a great way to be and I have known it well in my past.

For me ignorance of  these, images and such, is a useless agenda. It brings me no joy. It is in addressing and embracing what is so obvious to me that I find satisfaction. I have known satisfaction and fulfillment in my lifetime and expect to embrace it again.

The Mystic Tourist

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