Secular Mysticism Integrity and Credibility

The wealth and resources of community is primarily what religion has to offer. That is my opinion. Religions do support the community that is their membership. The success of  one member is shared with the group and credit is then assigned to God. People like to wear religious symbols. These symbols fashion a bond between like-minded people who then network into a community of broader support. Credit is given to God. We see this in politics, business and social networks. Religions form powerful communities and then share their resources with their members. This is but a slice. There is a great diversity within religion and true generously and compassionate outreach are often part of the mission.

The good works and community support of religion complicate departure from it. For me these human networks that facilitate the prosperity and success of the network members is the incentive to leave. It seems disingenuous to form powerful organizations able to lend support and facilitate opportunity and then credit God as the benefactor. The concept, that if you believe certain things, usually unquestionably, and join the group, the ensuing benefits are then proof of Gods favor due to your religious commitments, has a certain vacancy. A vacancy of credibility. Of course God is not absent from religion. It is the character and definition of God presented religiously where Gods absence is noticed. It is God, self-definitive, self-expressive, that dominates my life. I believe that whatever is true has a durability, a strength, that is omnipotent.

This why I am a secularist. I relish the integrity and credibility of confidence in God absent the institutions of human design. I am confident only in God.

I believe there is a greater value in pursuing this than the personal value to myself. Otherwise I would not bother. I prefer to be without notice, to keep my experience private and hidden from view. That however compromises any hope of satisfaction and fulfillment. It is a choice on my path that leads nowhere. I am sure there are others who want this discussion and so I am here endeavoring to bring it about.

The Mystic Tourist

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