Temporal Urgency Durable Being

Against the background of  eternity and known existence what is a single lifetime? Does it even have a measurable value; is it enough to be measured? Purpose and value. How do we know or measure such things? I like to think that it all alludes to an underling value. That our experience has the durability of existence. We have a temporal experience that imparts urgency and importance due to its brevity and its appointment, our lifetime, creates a point of focus by which what is, might be appreciated. We have been organized into what we are by what actually is. There is nothing missing from what does add up to, what we are, and we add nothing to what is. We are as important as we are unimportant and there is a value whose durability sustains us. Can we understand such things? The fact of our existence proves that we do. Without understanding there is no capacity to organize oneself into existence.

We have no option to change who we are. In other words what actually is, is not different due to what we think about it and the aspect of our person that is who, is fixed. How we are is as a separate reality, and, we have the creative authority to do as we will. It has been my observation that we can direct how to represent who. It is the concentration of person that is considered enlightenment or a divine state. It is a condition that is grossly overstated and misunderstood. I think there is a value to bringing this divine state into the human community as a statement of ordinariness. There is nothing extraordinary about it as it is only unusual for people to do such things.

Let us get ordinary and simply be who we are. To hell with how unless it is who. It is the who of our how that actually exists. Who is not dependent on our temporarily. It is what actually does exist.

The Mystic Tourist

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