Exodus / Spiritual Life Beyond Religion

Have we arrived at a new Exodus? Have we found the honesty to abandon our faith and restore our confidence directly in God, in what is true? I think many of us have. We have reached an understanding. The fear mongering, hell and damnation, and the shallow promise of Gods favor bestowed on the few, has left us disenchanted, empty-handed. We are looking for something different but not something new. The honest truth. Ordinariness has value. The secular community whose quest is truth understands that you do not have to be born into, or join a special club, to know God. Truth. There is no sacred ceremony that makes one worthy. God is not held accountable to us by our good deeds, by a contrived rite or a ritual.

What is true affects us all in equal measure and none escape it.

Gods word is not fixed to a page by the hand of man and then administered by a special court. Nothing could be more obvious and we all know this truth. People do deny truth and pretend things are different then they are. That can not and does not change what is true or our knowledge of it. If I have not already done so, in some prior post, let me set the record straight. Being a member of a church does not preclude a person from knowing the truth embracing it and bringing that embrace to bear in ones community. People of truth are needed everywhere and that is where you find them.

Let us each decide for ourself where and how the truth is best served and bring that to bear where we are. The truth requires no proof or convincing, as no one can escape it, it represents itself. We only need to nurture it within ourself for its value to gain notice. Truth is not captured by the valueless purchase of right and wrong. It is omnipotent and omnipresent. It suffers no injury and knows no harm. It is its own proof.

The Mystic Tourist

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