Mystic Perception Actual Seeing

Perception has as much to do with choice and disposition as it has to do with the actual perception of what actually is. Disposition and choice serve to cloud our mind or clear it. The discernment of our environment is always inclusive. We do see it. Mystic perception, for me, involves the realm of our environment that is image. Observable structure and relationships, the texture of place that is image. In considering such things as image perception, a neutral mind-set is indispensable. Our inclination to see things as we want them to be can only be defeated by our will to accept things as they are. I must accept that what I observe that is image, is just that. It is not owned by my opinion or interpretation.

Perception is usually distant from its aspect that is image. We are too busy to concern ourselves or otherwise occupied. For me this realm is what occupies me and keeps me busy. My perception is such that I am always sensitive to it. It is largely disposition that determines the images I see. Neutrality nurtures clarity of perception. Allowing my disposition to be charged with destructive qualifiers, anger resentment blame etc, draws to me that which clouds perception. All image is actual. The images seen are determined by where I choose to be.

The work I am doing as the Mystic Tourist is clearing my mind. It is a project I have been angeling for, for some time. With mysticism one is confident in the path, that wherever I am, I am where I need to be to get to where I am going. Providence assures the constant presence of the components of success. I might have chosen some other thing but what I fell into is this. It is acting to calm and clear my mind. My desired perception is being restored.

The Mystic Tourist

2 thoughts on “Mystic Perception Actual Seeing

  1. In I wrote on this topic:

    We often bring our own baggage to this life’s experiences and are so concerned with how we appear that we cannot clearly observe what is directly in front of us, nor what is happening all around us. Some do call this tunnel vision; mystics call it ignorance. When you gaze at life with dark glasses of your self, through lenses that
    are clouded with your ego and individuality, you confuse the apparent with the real. You must remove those glasses to see this life as it is.

    We are so close to our subjective impressions that we frequently imagine them to be reality. We must stand back and look at the big picture to understand things as they truly relate to one another, not solely as they relate to “me.” Most people have doors between “me” and “them.” Some open them wide so that others are welcome in, many crack them barely enough so they can step out briefly, while a few keep
    their doors shut and just peek at life through a peep hole.

    Psychiatrists have terms for these personality types, yet we might notice them daily…except, perhaps, our own. We each erect many emotional, mental and/or physical barriers to help protect us from unwanted guests. Some mystics say that you should not only keep those doors open, you should remove them from their hinges and throw them away! The divine essence is just outside your door, but when you keep it closed it cannot come in to transform your life.

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