Absolute Confidence

In the often murky landscape of image, the place where image alone is present and perceived, confidence requires openness. It is usual for people to react to the landscape of image by shutting it out. This begins a lifelong devotion to ignorance and ignorance always produces denial. I am not suggesting anyone should jump into this place and master it. Getting through life without having to interpret this stuff is the norm. Different people have different things to do. That is great, perfect, wonderful. Just as others do not have this to do, it is what I have to do. It is not the child’s complaint; ‘Do I have to!’. It is what I have and so I do it.

The act of shutting things out never works, it alway shuts things in. We shut in the very thing that we would shut out. The door we use is ignorance and the lock is denial. We go about our life pretending things are different than we know they are. Many people do this without compromising themselves. Grappling with this stuff is just not something that concerns them, it is not what they have to do.

There is much marauding in this land of image and that can be frightening. It is typical to react with the sword of ignorance, the shield of denial, and, the door is shut. To wander this land and discover its richness, openness is confidence. Ignorance and denial are pretend and so we only have to let them go and then they do not exist. The unpleasantness discovered here finds no place without a door to shut it in. What is absolute is true and what is true is absolute.

Truth, Compassion and Understanding are absolute. That truth is absolute is obvious. Understanding and compassion are absolute because their measure is singular and absolutely sufficient. There is compassion enough for all and anything can be understood. These single nothing out as being more or less deserving, their measure is singular and all-encompassing. It is in what is absolute that we have a room without doors or even walls. All are deserving of understanding and compassion. Their presence requires openness.

It is this openness that is confidence. Absolute confidence.

The Mystic Tourist

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