Divine Inspiration

My last post was inspired by a comment from Ron Krumpos. It was the first thing to come to mind and it worked. Thanks Ron. Finding a post topic is usually more involved than that. I use divination to decide what to write. What is divination? It is a contemplative decision-making process. I like to use a Swing Rod, but I do not have to. It is a type of dowsing rod. It is a way to be objective and it works.

I use divination to decide or consider most anything. I think we all do this to varying degrees. I am just deliberate about it. I first consider if I will even write and then I consider what to write. It is typical for me to have no idea at all and I wonder if I can even do it. I drain my mind and search for a word or phrase that gives me a positive response. Contemplation. Once I discover a topic I divine its title. At this point I am generally still dumbfounded as I have yet to consider it except to arrive at a topic. I continue this process throughout and then I publish my post. I am as surprised as anyone by what I write.

This particular post is one that I have given prior consideration but that is a rare exception. I am just now sitting and divining the next word. When I started this post I was happy to find something I had already considered to write about. It feels a little easier than eking content from vapor but it is the same process.

Of course I am familiar with the things I write about. I usually have no idea what it will be before it appears on my laptop but I think about this stuff all the time. I write about my experience, my life. What I do and have been doing for decades.

I am enjoying it and hope you do too.

The Mystic Tourist

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