Finding My Community Divinity

The community I seek consists of a diverse mix of persons. In the past I have acted as a diplomat covertly assisting and initiating movement in the place where image is substance. It was gratifying. That time has past and I have a new appointment. As I work this blog I am beginning to have a clearer sense of what it might be. I am being refreshed as a forest after a long-awaited rain. The new appointment would then be the new growth.

Contentment gives rise to appointment and it can be kept. I have been content with my discontent in that I have been discontented. I did not so much seek this out it is more a way I have found myself. It is from a lack of movement . Being static on my path. There were other concerns in my life that established a priority. I have met those concerns and am happy with my success. I am now finding the means to reconnect the divine state. To walk in the human community and the world where image is substance simultaneously.

It is a new and unfamiliar way. I was quite content with my covert diplomacy. Working in the shadows discreetly was a lot of fun. It seems I must shed some of the discretion. Certainly this blog has done that, I remain anonymous here but am far more exposed than at any other time.

The movement is great. Clarity and contentment are beginning to lubricate what is bearing.

The Mystic Tourist

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