Worth the Bother

There is a nagging little comment that pops up in my head ‘Its it worth it’. It is a phantom I might chase and thus prevent myself from other activities. I know well how these things work. Work is the operative term. Should I manage to stay focused on this project its worth will be revealed. I expect to be surprised.

I work on the structures that support the person I am. It is a structure of image. Thought forms are images. The nagging thought, Is it worth it, is a powerful example. It is a question and it occupies until it is met with an answer. It is a source of, and, a constant stress that can only be satisfied with resolve. Many of us collect these things and carry then around. They interfere with what we might otherwise be doing even if that is just being happier or at better ease. I like to identify these things and disassemble them to quiet my mind and clear my perception.

The images we generate with our thought are as an atmosphere whose gravity is the individual and then the community. Much can be done about this but, is it worth the bother? Personally, for me, the bother is in not doing it.

The Mystic Tourist

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