Creative Habit

Habit. No matter what our habit is it has a tenacity that is formidable. Due to this it is creativity. We create ourselves with habit. We have the authority and responsibility to control our habit but it seems the norm to let habit be in control.

All habits have a lynch pin we can disengage. It is just one pin and always the same. That pin is our personal identity. It is how we consider ourselves to be. We can always make a new measure of this consideration and amend any habit we choose. To discover our pure identity we refine all habit to just one habit.

What is this one habit that reveals ourself to ourself? It is the habit of surrender. To accept things as they are by consent. We often have some inner struggle or friction a state that is familiar. We have some condition that is our normal state and tends to obscure who we are with an argument regarding how we are. The intimacy of this relationship presents a challenge. Of course it is easy to accept and give consent to our condition. Questing for the person of preference, a reduction of self to what is pure, requires additional steps beyond acknowledging our condition.

All that constructs our disposition is also our personal identity. That which is our habit supports this automatically. We can take responsibility for this condition, understanding it is wholly our doing, and shape it as we choose. We create the person we are by our habit. We can use consent, surrender, to release the grip of unwanted habit. We can establish a habit that is a constant state of surrender and consent allowing only that which is pure to be what represents our disposition, our personal identity. It is a state that is fluid due to our appointment; the measure of circumstance that is our best choice. We find ourself in the Divine State when our appointment runs current with our circumstance. We can find ourself in-sync so we are attending always to just the one best appointment at any given time.

This is how we create ourself and take responsibility. We can use the Divine State of the kept appointment to reduce all appointment to just one appointment and discover our pure state. Enlightenment.

The Mystic Tourist

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