Secular Definition

The definition that best applies and lends support giving us true possibility of recognizing our identity is secular. Allowing what is, its own voice, makes the most sense to me. As a secularist I accept the sacred value of all that exists. I make no distinction that one thing is sacred and another not. One behavior sacred and another, not so much, that is nonsense. I do not go to church because church is where I am, in the sacred surroundings of all that exists.

Opinion vents perspective making an allusion to what is self-evident. My perspective is what I am charged with nurturing fashioning it with observation absent of ownership. In other words I do not have to be right. I am quite comfortable to accept things as they are regardless of my opinion. This is a secular sensibility. I am comfortable to fashion my opinion certain that it carries no value other than that. I am comfortable to experience the truth without having to own it by knowing it, by being right. I am confident in the durability of truth with or without my consent.

I am mystic, I concern myself with the absolute. It does not need me to defend it or to form a group to represent it. There is no rigor to test a persons worth concerning it. I can not harm it by my action or inaction. I can empty my person of fixed notions about it and thus create a suitable harbor, a place of acquaintance and familiarity. This is the quest of Mysticism. To realize a state of acquaintance and familiarity with truth.

It is not possible to own truth or the absolute. The limit of being a person prohibits it. Truth or any absolute can not be contained. There can be no existence without what is absolute and so that which does exist can represent, acquaint and be familiar with it.

The Mystic Tourist

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