Owning Responsibility

Responsibility alone is our possession. We bring nothing here and when we leave, nothing goes with us. We are charged only with being responsible and, for better or worse, it is what we are. Collecting is just that. Should we collect wealth it comes with responsibility and wealth is measured in many ways. What of gifts? We are a gifted sort. Do our gifts carry responsibility? I think they do.

The secreted gift has no value. The value of anything remains unknown unless it is displayed. It is gratifying to display ones gifts and there is value in appreciating them. It is a shared value. Shared values strengthen us building what is good for a group and lending that to community. It is our responsibility. We only need to act responsible to bring its value into our group and community. The act of being responsible affects all that we do. The hidden gift also hides responsibility.

There can be no appreciation of what is not known and hidden gifts are injurious. We are familiar enough with ourself to hide our gifts. To do this we employ the usual talents of ignorance and denial. It works great; we don’t even know they are there. This gives us a feeling of dissatisfaction, emptiness, isolation. We want something but we do not know what it is. The key to discovery is responsibility. We can accept that our dissatisfaction is our doing and resolve to address it. It is a deliberate process and so it is work. We are more likely, I think, to create distractions. To use the energy born of ignorance and denial to fuel activity.

We get through life this way with varying degrees of happiness and accept it as being the way things are. And it is. I suspect some of us bear a more significant responsibility than do others, a sort of catalyst.

The Mystic Tourist

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