Being the Difference

Ignorance is what is keeping us away, isolating us by and pushing us into failed agendas, distinct from knowing our potential. The whole of humanity is engaged in this. We find that it is the environment the atmosphere the condition of life. Original Sin. It is the way things are with or without us. A preexisting condition. What can we possibly do, in such an environment, to fulfill that potential?

First we have to negotiate the ignorance. It is part of how we actually are. We must accept it and own our place before we can venture a successful fulfillment of potential. We are like the rest, exactly the same. This is the first step. This affords us the humility required to be the difference. If you can not walk the walk there is no credibility and we must accept that we alone are responsible for our condition. It is this sameness that is value that connects us to others. It is easy to find ourself blaming the environment or the people in our community as being responsible for our condition. It is the way things are and so there can be no course independent, or free, of these preexisting constraints. Generally we have already accepted these parameters and we must bring our focus to bear where and how we are.

Once agreeing that we make the difference and accepting our place we are charged with discovery. Potential can only be satisfied when we take the steps to where appointment, the one best thing to do at any given time, is constant. We alone are given this responsibility. No one can tell us how to do it or where to go. It is something each of us is intimately familiar with. As sure as our heart knows how to beat we know the way. It is our collective ignorance that is most vexing, there seems no community beyond its reach. The community is there and there are many who live in anticipation that this potential be met.

In the end nothing is different as nothing can be different than what actually is. The difference is that people do not usually realize their full potential and so it seems different.

The Mystic Tourist

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