Bringing Myself to Completion

The capability of the human being to influence and manipulate is only just now being fully appreciated. Our ability to consider things objectively through the intense subjectivity of science has taught us and continues to teach us a great deal. I touched on this in an earlier posts. I wrote of Wim Hof and I wrote of placebos. There are links in those posts that highlight the scientific inquiry on those topics. I am of course considering our ability to influence our own health and being and the scientific proof.

I am confident that our influence has a very broad reach that has yet to be documented scientifically. In considering placebos there is much that we do know. They actually work. If you conduct a double-blind scientific study in which the placebo alone affects a clinical cure, thirty percent of the time, you have to assume the group that had the cure also experienced the placebo. Thirty percent of that group was also cured simply by the placebo. This tells a great deal about how we are, or are not, well. Much of it seems to be a simple matter of discretion. It also seems obvious that being involved in the study acts as a catalyst. It is apparent that oftentimes we simply choose our level of wellness.

In this haphazard way we can begin to see how it is that we are well. It seems some people are able to harness this authority more affectively than others. I think we casually apply it all the time and that we are capable of much much more. If we are able to initiate wellness so effortlessly we must be doing the same to achieve disease.

I believe this scientific proof alludes to something much broader, much more inclusive, much more significant. I think we have only just begun to consider what it is we actually control and influence. There are historical figures we assign this broad control to and take comfort in anticipating some future person or event. It is just an excuse not to accept the responsibility ourselves. Any human person who walks this earth arrived here in the same manner as we all do. We are wired the same way and so what one might do we all can do. It is true we have different challenges. We have the same tools but different appointments. Collectively we understand something and collectively we deny it. I am at a loss as to why but I am sure, that as we all do, I understand it.

I continue to believe that completion, divine life and enlightenment are my appointment. That is my reason to bother, it is my motivation. Even if it amounts to naught it gives me enjoyment and something to do. For that alone it is worth it. I will keep you posted.

The Mystic Tourist

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