Image Construction

We construct the image that we live in. I have written quite a lot about ignorance, denial and collective nature. These are some of the materials we use to construct the image that is our home. They are the material of image and every bit as substantive as matter. I have been working to rehabilitate an image I built years ago. It was a fantastic experience and is a fantastic place. It seems like the lights are off, someone forgot to pay the bill. The place has not changed and so there is something else amiss. I think I may be nearing re-cognition.

It is a place that exploded into my awareness while I was attempting to figure it out. Bang, a completed place I found myself in. What a kick. I have toiled over this long and long looking to see, what is amiss why does the place seem so vacant. It is apparent that I am what has been missing. I can restore it by drawing to it what it needs. It is a collective process that I think is well under way. We do not own these places we only inhabit them if we choose.

When we build our home with ignorance and such we do not see its wonder. We live in the dark only because we build with it. I can draw to this place what gives it light. I just have to figure it out,to figure myself out. Do the math.

The Mystic Tourist

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