Texture and Possibility

What is possible? Believing something is possible only means it is possible to believe. We know that when we believe we can do something, belief alone, is often the difference, the determining factor. People who are sure one way or another prove their certainty with results. What is possible is discovered by those who believe it is, the caveat being, actual possibility. The vortex of self , habit, disposition, attitude, is what gives possibility to what is possible. The vortex is determined entirely by our response to environment.

We create a texture that is our self and has little to do with determining what is possible but lends authority to what we believe. Much of what I believe is produced by my management of this texture. I have discovered that what I can do is directly linked to my texture, and, the vortex I create determines texture. I can calm my vortex and calm its intensity. When the vortex is calm it is less distracting and perception is afforded legitimacy. The content and intensity of our vortex determines whether, and how stuck, we get. We can change it at any time. Generally the calmer we keep our vortex the more control we have and the more able we are to recognize what is possible and achieve it. Calm translates to traction, discretion becomes more amiable and what is possible gains possibility. Texture.

Winning control by calm. With calm I am able to more honestly consider, pretty much anything. I can accept that things are as they are and what I think about them is just that. I have had enough experience that I know I can deny even my own experience, what I know to be true. Ignorance, the only authority needed, to live a lie. I must apply this rule always or risk being stuck. It is the only way to maintain objectivity in the subjective jacket of temporal existence.

The Mystic Tourist

Stepping Into The Light

Baptism by light, the honesty born of exposure. While I write I am comfortable. I am in my element. The freedom bought by this openness and honesty is invigorating. The shedding of restraint is necessitated or there is no product, nothing to write. I have reached a place where I must share or loose the  place. Living in this place privately no longer sustains it. My public person wants to complain, insisting that there must be a way to keep what I write about in a private compartment. I do have a long habit of sharing, selectively, of hiding. It is apparent that openness is what will bring to fruition what I have been working on for a lifetime.

Today I will write about my experience with the Kundalini. I am certainly not a scholar in any traditional sense. For most of my life I would not read, at least not books. I did not want to pollute my mind. Ouch! That is a bit arrogant. While I am not uneducated I do not have a high school diploma or anything recognized as an equivalent. The last time I was serious about my education was just before I was thrown out of high school. For the second and last time. That is the extent of my formal education. I have read a few scraps of information about Chakras and so I know about the kundalini. What I will write about is a mysticism I did concerning chakras that led to an understanding of the kundalini.

What is a mysticism? It is the art of divination to consider what is of interest. I use a swing rod and generally can only use this art for what I am given to do. I have very little discretion. While there are any number of things I would like to use divination for, for the most part it only works for what I have to do. It does not work if it is not something I have to do. This is the way I approached the kundalini. It was what I had to do.

I set out to understand the seven primary chakras and named them to personally understand them. The chakras begin at the base of the spine and terminate just above the head. I will name them beginning at the base, number one, and work my way up. The first chakra is flesh or place. The second is family; community. Third, ego. The fourth is compassion and binds the lower chakras to the higher chakras. The fifth chakra is, The Sea of Justice and The Seat of Truth. Light Gate is the sixth chakra and lastly the seventh chakra is Heavens Acquaintance. The kundalini is what binds these as one cohesion and is discovered by exorcising each chakra beginning at the base or first chakra.

When we resolve or settle ourselves with our flesh it brings that opportunity to community and in turn to ego. When we exorcise the lower chakras in this way we reach compassion and the higher chakras are within reach. Things are as they are and this is The Sea of Justice. When we have resolved ourself to find compassion we can find the Seat of Truth which rests on The Sea of Justice. Resting on this seat, Light Gate, between and barely above the eyes, is opened. This affords us access to Heaven Gate and a quiet voiceless recognition of what actually is.

In my last post I wrote of  wrote of Solomons Key. Naturally my consideration of the key was derived in the same manner. With the key there is no written record to refer to that I know of and so my understanding is purely mystical. My exercise with the kundalini preceded the key and was as a building block to my discovery of what I consider to be Solomons Key.

The Mystic Tourist

Self Aware

Getting comfortable and being at ease with myself, with my exposed self, is something I have yet to realize. I have always been able to keep myself in compartments and safe from view. A selective exposure. A great tension rises in me when I consider a more a more frank presentation of myself. It is as if there are two of me and the tension resides between them. I have never understood the hesitation I feel but it has been my companion since early childhood.

This forum, my blog, has been a catalyst giving renewal, refreshing my person. Traction. I have answered the problem of how I might restore myself to a sense of effectiveness in life,by being effective. The darkened rooms of shuttered experience have been given new light. This business of exposure feels as if it is the key to my renewal. It seems to be forcing an honesty that I have yet to breach. I will write of a place I have been, in the world of image. This place, I am confident is, Solomons Key.

Presumably we have all heard of Davids Star. It is the template for Solomons Key. The key is found where image is substance. The star represents two interlocking pyramids that are arranged on a foundation. The foundation is the intersection of three lines, at right angles, forming twelve right angles. The perpendicular line is Providence, it intersects a line that runs front to back, Fate. These two are intersected by the third line, Abundance. It runs left to right. The pyramids are fixed at their apexes on the line of providence. The location of the points of the star are determined by six aspects of being. Ascendant, Emotion, Presence, Ego, Being and Intellect. When all of these are given their due appointment, epiphany, explodes the key into existence. The key represents divinity. The one pyramid is our temporal person and the other our eternal self.

When people think of Solomons Key they think of magic, some violation of natural law. It is nothing of that sort as natural law is not subject to violation. It is simply a place to be that is the fruition of all of what we might be. Bear in mind that we regenerate ourselves constantly, from what. When we find the key and reside there we can answer that question because we are the answer. I mentioned the foundation and other appointments. These are the true purpose of the key. Without the kept appointment of all these various components there is no key. It is in keeping these appointments that the purpose of the key is revealed and we find ourself doing what is intended, keeping our appointment.

The Mystic Tourist

Purpose Perception Gratification

What of purpose? Is there purpose governing our person? When I consider this I accept it is a matter of perception. If a person believes there is purpose, then there is, and as to what purpose is, perception rules the day. What is my purpose? It is to answer the questions I entertain and that rise from my experience. Much of purpose is just basic stuff like, personal integrity, accountability, and, responsibility. In my life there is the quest for resolving the truth of existence. Finding that I do exist, and, accepting existence represents truth, I accept that what is true can be resolved and made apparent in the human person. This is the primary interest in my life and what gives me purpose. A reason to live.

Is there anything that escapes truth? Can there be something that is not true? It is only in our perception that we confuse the truth. It is an act of imagination. Things are as they are and they can be no other way, even so, we consider things to be the way we want them to be. The truth is indifferent to our perception. It is not harmed by it and does support whatever we project. When we pile stuff on the truth it is easy to then consider the pile, supported by truth, as the truth. What is true is not confused by this and we only confuse ourselves. That which we are is true and we can shed the confusion. There are people, of whom stories have been told, who have done just that. Each of these is, of course, an ordinary person who only did what is unusual. There is no one, no thing, extraordinary.

When I consider purpose I do so with gratification in mind. I know that by resolving gratification I have answered my purpose. Working with affirmation and image is my one sure approach that will prove truth. I have used these consistently to settle my person revealing happiness in my life. It is in settling my person, being content, happy satisfied, that the truth is settled. It is in this settling that the truth is proven as it is given the opportunity to represent itself. Gratification is in accepting truth to be its own. It is this that sheds deception and my person is true.

The Mystic Tourist

Owning My Disease

Having choice, we create. There is nothing about us that is not the manifest of choice. Even in the womb we arrange ourself by choice: at the cellular level. There is no accident and some guidance is at work. The way we find ourselves gives us what we have to do. It has been my good fortune to find myself in an excellent condition. The choices I was given, at birth, were already a statement of considerable success. I did not always make the best of it.

For much of my life I hauled around rage, just for having been given a favorable birth circumstance, while others were not. It is this kind of attitude that is my disease and is the cause of the work I have to do to realize my appointment. That is what occupies me now. For the longest time I was trying to figure out what the work was and now I find myself doing it again. It has kept me from posting. At this time my work is as a sieve and working this blog is postponed while I sort myself out.

Life is forever giving us what we have to do. This is especially true when we choose to do the esoteric work of self-realization. While working,using affirmation and such to bring about the way I want to be, circumstance gives emphasis to the task. I find that what bothers me becomes what I have to deal with by its imposing distraction. Being that I am not a hermit I have many interpersonal interactions. Other people do things and I am annoyed. The tendency is to take this annoyance and place it outside ourself. The tendency is to blame the people we are annoyed with. Truthfully, we alone are responsible for how we feel and how we act. When we fault others we lose control and are being dishonest with ourself.

I am finding that I must take ownership of what bothers me. Only then can I disassemble it and reveal my true character. While it is annoying, I am quite pleased to be finding and doing the work I have to do.

The Mystic Tourist

Emerging Calm

My work as the Mystic Tourist has and does continue to provide the opportunity needed for my healthy identity. Identity is our agreement concerning a person. It is a compilation of what a person gives to community and the community’s response. Being candid and open in this forum allows the emergence and presentation of an identity capable, as a result  my commitment to the project, of revealing my best choices. The choices we make determine how we are and subsequently an identity is born of it. As the Tourist I have been able to survey my behavior and calculate what I need for better identity management. Much of the work I do as a mystic is in the subtle realm of image. Identity here is of key importance, it determines possibility by mutual agreement.

In the landscape of image we create possibility. It is a process that either devolves or evolves. The static is habit and habit allows for one direction or the other. The public nature of my work as, The Mystic Tourist, assures that I have to come to terms with how I am and correct my behavior. I have looked to make corrections for some time, but, it is this project, that has afforded me the possibility. A long-awaited calm is beginning to permeate my habit.

The permission needed to negotiate the landscape of image, as well as the more dense reality of life and death, simultaneously, is for me, calm. By default I am not inclined to be particularly calm and I have to work at it. I am thankful to have arrived at a place where I can see the work I have to do, to once again, find that who I am is also how I am.

Emerging calm. I expect it to make a very big difference in my life.

The Mystic Tourist

Represent For My Subtle Acquaintance

My work with affirmations, (last post),  has kept me from posting. It gave me plenty to do but that did not include writing. It was a time to release and allow recovery. I am continuing my work with affirmations and anticipate it may interrupt my writing again. Working with affirmation gives creation application. My creative application is to restore to confidence the person I most enjoy and have known myself to be. Affirmation ends the injury of ill-conceived habits. They counter the replication of what is negative with something positive, or affirmative. Often in this process it is helpful to stand by and let the past recede into the past so that what is being chosen now can manifest.

We carry the past with us and so it is the future. If we want a different future then we need to carry, to the future, what we want into it from the past. How else will it get there?

One of the things I am working on now is restoring my place with Angels. I have had a falling out with them. Cognition of Angels is subtle and it takes very little to obscure our perception of them. It is easy to imagine they are there when they are not and just as easy to imagine they are not there when they are. There is a certain quieting of  self that allows Angels to introduce themselves, a certain calm. I call them Angels due to my culture. It is a word my culture affords me and is appropriate. I still have a tension I am holding onto that disrupts my calm and disallows quiet. Like everything else it is determined to repeat itself and so I must be more determined to correct it than repeat it . My preferred tool is the affirmation.

The relationship between Angels and humanity is controversial. Anyone can make such a claim,I see Angels, and credibility is immediately suspect. That is certainly understandable and is part of my personal tension. Why jump into this? We prefer to imagine some distant person has these experiences, someone from the past or future. The truth is people have these experiences and the past and future have nothing to do with it.  When we assign the experience to the past or the future it is simply something that never happens. Personally I was quite comfortable with my discreet personal experience of Angels but it seems that luxury is past and here again, I feel tension.

I know, from personal experience, that my use of affirmation, will squelch the distractions born of my various tensions. I will be able to marry the past and the future and bring reconciliation into our singular appointment, now.

The Mystic Tourist


My deconstruction is well underway. The resurgence of affirmation in my habit is revealing my identity. In my last post, Representation Affirmation Image, I wrote this:

“It is essential to be available to all people, friend or foe, if clarity is the goal and the place is image. It is a place where we can only harm ourselves. When we limit availability, in this place, we begin a process of collecting. When we shut down our availability here, close a door, we shut stuff in, not out. We begin to collect and, collecting or ownership, is a lie, a corruption. It creates darkness, tension, etc. We can not own because we bring nothing to this life and take nothing from it. The notion of ownership is a corruption of responsibility. We are responsible.”

In this process of shutting down we injure the person we are, our identity. In the world of image our identity is expected to be mobile. When we close doors and ‘Shut In’ we lose our mobility, without which our identity can not be known. We become hidden even onto ourselves. In releasing ourself from constraint we discover accountability. With this mobility we have to account for ourself. Mobility here requires openness and honesty and so my deconstruction is underway. It is necessary to disassemble the mechanism of restraint. To be accountable.

I use affirmations. They are extremely powerful. When I consider an affirmation I am particular about its structure. An affirmation is never about what I might do, can do or did do. To be affective it has to be present tense without allusion to the past or the future. It is never about what I can do. It is always a declaration of something that is now. It needs to be clear and concise. Brevity is best. Here is an example; ‘I control the way I feel’.

Affirmations, for me, are sometimes transitory, not exactly complete. There is one I am using currently that will provide an example: Disposition without harm is confidence. The transitory component is, ‘Without harm’. There is some component of my disposition that is harmful. To resolve it, it gains this honorary mention in my affirmation. I expect that when I have resolved the issue, due to this attention, I will produce a much cleaner affirmation.

This is the way I deconstruct what is interfering with my personal progress. When the impediments are removed I have not built something but rather I have unveiled something. My quest is for self-realization. To realize what I am without constructing a character or person. To give awareness to the durable fact of my existence.

The Mystic Tourist

Representation Affirmation Image

Intentionally building the person we are. We can not escape intention or that what we do is deliberate. We can accept responsibility. We can direct our intention and deliberation. Perhaps you read my post Devils and Details. In that post I was using transparency as an affirmation as well as an image. It proved quite affective in letting go of  darkness and its collectors I had designed for  myself. Its usefulness is spent and continued use is similar to hiding in plain sight, moving through the world of image, transparent, as if I am not there. Recognition is key to effectiveness in the substantive place of image.

Our habits of mind also create habits of body. My habits, that clouded what is my home and is image, gave me a hardening of  muscle. A physical armoring or tension. Its presence also replicates habit and seeks that which it has known. The tension is born of thought and produces thought and so I have arrived at an opportunity for affirmation. Affirmation corrects or changes thought and our mind and body learn a new habit.

It is essential to be available to all people, friend or foe, if clarity is the goal and the place is image. It is a place where we can only harm ourselves. When we limit availability, in this place, we begin a process of collecting. When we shut down our availability here, close a door, we shut stuff in, not out. We begin to collect and, collecting or ownership, is a lie, a corruption. It creates darkness, tension, etc. We can not own because we bring nothing to this life and take nothing from it. The notion of ownership is a corruption of responsibility. We are responsible.

The affirmations I am using create availability without prejudice which allows my body to release its tension, relax. They rescind complaint by acceptance, forgiveness of anything and accommodate confidence. Confidence is simply being absent any harmful disposition. All of these allow my body to relax and invite. Invitation allows only that which actually is, truthfully is, to be observed. Truth being absolute it is without harm.

The Mystic Tourist

Who Controls How

That which is produced of flesh, the animated person who belongs to just one expression of birth, is how we are. There is the more aesthetic concern of, who, that is the source of much consternation. Is there a component of how that is who? Something that proceeds birth and survives its demise. I answer the question, yes, and others are just as sure, no. In the population who believe that life exists beyond the cycle of birth there is durable disagreement.

My birth circumstance is Christianity. I was born into a devout Catholic household. If you like cautionary tales Catholicism is a good one. We have all those Saints, many of them martyred, brutally murdered for their gifts and talents. And there is Jesus. A kind and gentle man who knew life’s riddle and sought to unveil its secret. He was tortured, abandoned and brutally murdered, for being such a nice guy. The Catholic message is very clear, no one is special except for the gifted few, and, the price they pay is hardly worth it.

Even God won’t help you if you are not baptized. God is such a mean and evil sort that there is a special place, beyond the reach of  comprehension, so awful that only experience can reveal the excruciating weight of its suffering. God maintains this place not for some despicable few, it is reserved for the whole of humanity. Catholics get a pass and enjoy a blissful eternity. Other Christians believe heaven is reserved for them and even the Catholics get to go to hell.

Why do we tell such stories and choose to believe them; I do not know. Clearly if there were such a God there would be great honor and nobility in refusing Gods invitation. It would be a true act of compassion to go to hell with the rest of humanity. Most of them, by the way, good people.

These religious sensibilities, our political bent, how we consider our fellows and even life itself are products of  our birth circumstance, the fact of our flesh and its circumstance. It is how we are. It is easy for me to imagine that I am not contained by my flesh, that how I am is incidental. The life that I see is in no way defined or confined by my flesh. I am unable to perceive a beginning or end. I am. How does that translate into something else?

As I consider myself and work to bring fruition to my promise, to who I am, I have to puzzle how I am, to be the same thing as who. Even though it wants to know who how is a very stubborn sort. How typically wants to own who, to be as important. It is just not possible. It is not that who is more important, ultimately they are the same. Who simply wants more and that is, naught. There is something about the finite condition of the birth cycle that spurs us to ownership. It may simply be culture.

Ownership is often a corruption of responsibility. The notion that having a lot of things brings satisfaction. Or even the opposite that the absent of these things brings satisfaction. It is in acceptance that we find satisfaction. The projection of our values onto our opportunity and then claiming ownership falls short of satisfaction. It is in acceptance that we recognize a different value in opportunity. We don’t so much own it as we do accept responsibility for it. It is the same look but a different feel. This is who determining how.

In our society we often expect that the successful person applies how they are to create who they are. When we accept who we are we remove a door and instead of who and how who becomes how.

The Mystic Tourist