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Intentionally building the person we are. We can not escape intention or that what we do is deliberate. We can accept responsibility. We can direct our intention and deliberation. Perhaps you read my post Devils and Details. In that post I was using transparency as an affirmation as well as an image. It proved quite affective in letting go of  darkness and its collectors I had designed for  myself. Its usefulness is spent and continued use is similar to hiding in plain sight, moving through the world of image, transparent, as if I am not there. Recognition is key to effectiveness in the substantive place of image.

Our habits of mind also create habits of body. My habits, that clouded what is my home and is image, gave me a hardening of  muscle. A physical armoring or tension. Its presence also replicates habit and seeks that which it has known. The tension is born of thought and produces thought and so I have arrived at an opportunity for affirmation. Affirmation corrects or changes thought and our mind and body learn a new habit.

It is essential to be available to all people, friend or foe, if clarity is the goal and the place is image. It is a place where we can only harm ourselves. When we limit availability, in this place, we begin a process of collecting. When we shut down our availability here, close a door, we shut stuff in, not out. We begin to collect and, collecting or ownership, is a lie, a corruption. It creates darkness, tension, etc. We can not own because we bring nothing to this life and take nothing from it. The notion of ownership is a corruption of responsibility. We are responsible.

The affirmations I am using create availability without prejudice which allows my body to release its tension, relax. They rescind complaint by acceptance, forgiveness of anything and accommodate confidence. Confidence is simply being absent any harmful disposition. All of these allow my body to relax and invite. Invitation allows only that which actually is, truthfully is, to be observed. Truth being absolute it is without harm.

The Mystic Tourist

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