My deconstruction is well underway. The resurgence of affirmation in my habit is revealing my identity. In my last post, Representation Affirmation Image, I wrote this:

“It is essential to be available to all people, friend or foe, if clarity is the goal and the place is image. It is a place where we can only harm ourselves. When we limit availability, in this place, we begin a process of collecting. When we shut down our availability here, close a door, we shut stuff in, not out. We begin to collect and, collecting or ownership, is a lie, a corruption. It creates darkness, tension, etc. We can not own because we bring nothing to this life and take nothing from it. The notion of ownership is a corruption of responsibility. We are responsible.”

In this process of shutting down we injure the person we are, our identity. In the world of image our identity is expected to be mobile. When we close doors and ‘Shut In’ we lose our mobility, without which our identity can not be known. We become hidden even onto ourselves. In releasing ourself from constraint we discover accountability. With this mobility we have to account for ourself. Mobility here requires openness and honesty and so my deconstruction is underway. It is necessary to disassemble the mechanism of restraint. To be accountable.

I use affirmations. They are extremely powerful. When I consider an affirmation I am particular about its structure. An affirmation is never about what I might do, can do or did do. To be affective it has to be present tense without allusion to the past or the future. It is never about what I can do. It is always a declaration of something that is now. It needs to be clear and concise. Brevity is best. Here is an example; ‘I control the way I feel’.

Affirmations, for me, are sometimes transitory, not exactly complete. There is one I am using currently that will provide an example: Disposition without harm is confidence. The transitory component is, ‘Without harm’. There is some component of my disposition that is harmful. To resolve it, it gains this honorary mention in my affirmation. I expect that when I have resolved the issue, due to this attention, I will produce a much cleaner affirmation.

This is the way I deconstruct what is interfering with my personal progress. When the impediments are removed I have not built something but rather I have unveiled something. My quest is for self-realization. To realize what I am without constructing a character or person. To give awareness to the durable fact of my existence.

The Mystic Tourist

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