Represent For My Subtle Acquaintance

My work with affirmations, (last post),  has kept me from posting. It gave me plenty to do but that did not include writing. It was a time to release and allow recovery. I am continuing my work with affirmations and anticipate it may interrupt my writing again. Working with affirmation gives creation application. My creative application is to restore to confidence the person I most enjoy and have known myself to be. Affirmation ends the injury of ill-conceived habits. They counter the replication of what is negative with something positive, or affirmative. Often in this process it is helpful to stand by and let the past recede into the past so that what is being chosen now can manifest.

We carry the past with us and so it is the future. If we want a different future then we need to carry, to the future, what we want into it from the past. How else will it get there?

One of the things I am working on now is restoring my place with Angels. I have had a falling out with them. Cognition of Angels is subtle and it takes very little to obscure our perception of them. It is easy to imagine they are there when they are not and just as easy to imagine they are not there when they are. There is a certain quieting of  self that allows Angels to introduce themselves, a certain calm. I call them Angels due to my culture. It is a word my culture affords me and is appropriate. I still have a tension I am holding onto that disrupts my calm and disallows quiet. Like everything else it is determined to repeat itself and so I must be more determined to correct it than repeat it . My preferred tool is the affirmation.

The relationship between Angels and humanity is controversial. Anyone can make such a claim,I see Angels, and credibility is immediately suspect. That is certainly understandable and is part of my personal tension. Why jump into this? We prefer to imagine some distant person has these experiences, someone from the past or future. The truth is people have these experiences and the past and future have nothing to do with it.  When we assign the experience to the past or the future it is simply something that never happens. Personally I was quite comfortable with my discreet personal experience of Angels but it seems that luxury is past and here again, I feel tension.

I know, from personal experience, that my use of affirmation, will squelch the distractions born of my various tensions. I will be able to marry the past and the future and bring reconciliation into our singular appointment, now.

The Mystic Tourist

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