Emerging Calm

My work as the Mystic Tourist has and does continue to provide the opportunity needed for my healthy identity. Identity is our agreement concerning a person. It is a compilation of what a person gives to community and the community’s response. Being candid and open in this forum allows the emergence and presentation of an identity capable, as a result  my commitment to the project, of revealing my best choices. The choices we make determine how we are and subsequently an identity is born of it. As the Tourist I have been able to survey my behavior and calculate what I need for better identity management. Much of the work I do as a mystic is in the subtle realm of image. Identity here is of key importance, it determines possibility by mutual agreement.

In the landscape of image we create possibility. It is a process that either devolves or evolves. The static is habit and habit allows for one direction or the other. The public nature of my work as, The Mystic Tourist, assures that I have to come to terms with how I am and correct my behavior. I have looked to make corrections for some time, but, it is this project, that has afforded me the possibility. A long-awaited calm is beginning to permeate my habit.

The permission needed to negotiate the landscape of image, as well as the more dense reality of life and death, simultaneously, is for me, calm. By default I am not inclined to be particularly calm and I have to work at it. I am thankful to have arrived at a place where I can see the work I have to do, to once again, find that who I am is also how I am.

Emerging calm. I expect it to make a very big difference in my life.

The Mystic Tourist

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