Purpose Perception Gratification

What of purpose? Is there purpose governing our person? When I consider this I accept it is a matter of perception. If a person believes there is purpose, then there is, and as to what purpose is, perception rules the day. What is my purpose? It is to answer the questions I entertain and that rise from my experience. Much of purpose is just basic stuff like, personal integrity, accountability, and, responsibility. In my life there is the quest for resolving the truth of existence. Finding that I do exist, and, accepting existence represents truth, I accept that what is true can be resolved and made apparent in the human person. This is the primary interest in my life and what gives me purpose. A reason to live.

Is there anything that escapes truth? Can there be something that is not true? It is only in our perception that we confuse the truth. It is an act of imagination. Things are as they are and they can be no other way, even so, we consider things to be the way we want them to be. The truth is indifferent to our perception. It is not harmed by it and does support whatever we project. When we pile stuff on the truth it is easy to then consider the pile, supported by truth, as the truth. What is true is not confused by this and we only confuse ourselves. That which we are is true and we can shed the confusion. There are people, of whom stories have been told, who have done just that. Each of these is, of course, an ordinary person who only did what is unusual. There is no one, no thing, extraordinary.

When I consider purpose I do so with gratification in mind. I know that by resolving gratification I have answered my purpose. Working with affirmation and image is my one sure approach that will prove truth. I have used these consistently to settle my person revealing happiness in my life. It is in settling my person, being content, happy satisfied, that the truth is settled. It is in this settling that the truth is proven as it is given the opportunity to represent itself. Gratification is in accepting truth to be its own. It is this that sheds deception and my person is true.

The Mystic Tourist

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