Self Aware

Getting comfortable and being at ease with myself, with my exposed self, is something I have yet to realize. I have always been able to keep myself in compartments and safe from view. A selective exposure. A great tension rises in me when I consider a more a more frank presentation of myself. It is as if there are two of me and the tension resides between them. I have never understood the hesitation I feel but it has been my companion since early childhood.

This forum, my blog, has been a catalyst giving renewal, refreshing my person. Traction. I have answered the problem of how I might restore myself to a sense of effectiveness in life,by being effective. The darkened rooms of shuttered experience have been given new light. This business of exposure feels as if it is the key to my renewal. It seems to be forcing an honesty that I have yet to breach. I will write of a place I have been, in the world of image. This place, I am confident is, Solomons Key.

Presumably we have all heard of Davids Star. It is the template for Solomons Key. The key is found where image is substance. The star represents two interlocking pyramids that are arranged on a foundation. The foundation is the intersection of three lines, at right angles, forming twelve right angles. The perpendicular line is Providence, it intersects a line that runs front to back, Fate. These two are intersected by the third line, Abundance. It runs left to right. The pyramids are fixed at their apexes on the line of providence. The location of the points of the star are determined by six aspects of being. Ascendant, Emotion, Presence, Ego, Being and Intellect. When all of these are given their due appointment, epiphany, explodes the key into existence. The key represents divinity. The one pyramid is our temporal person and the other our eternal self.

When people think of Solomons Key they think of magic, some violation of natural law. It is nothing of that sort as natural law is not subject to violation. It is simply a place to be that is the fruition of all of what we might be. Bear in mind that we regenerate ourselves constantly, from what. When we find the key and reside there we can answer that question because we are the answer. I mentioned the foundation and other appointments. These are the true purpose of the key. Without the kept appointment of all these various components there is no key. It is in keeping these appointments that the purpose of the key is revealed and we find ourself doing what is intended, keeping our appointment.

The Mystic Tourist

One thought on “Self Aware

  1. Thank you for taking the risk with this blog! It is a daring and frightening thing to do sometimes, to reveal yourself to yourself, and to the world at the same time. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge. I am very interested in Pantheism. I look forward to sharing your journey. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Namaste. Belinda

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