Stepping Into The Light

Baptism by light, the honesty born of exposure. While I write I am comfortable. I am in my element. The freedom bought by this openness and honesty is invigorating. The shedding of restraint is necessitated or there is no product, nothing to write. I have reached a place where I must share or loose the  place. Living in this place privately no longer sustains it. My public person wants to complain, insisting that there must be a way to keep what I write about in a private compartment. I do have a long habit of sharing, selectively, of hiding. It is apparent that openness is what will bring to fruition what I have been working on for a lifetime.

Today I will write about my experience with the Kundalini. I am certainly not a scholar in any traditional sense. For most of my life I would not read, at least not books. I did not want to pollute my mind. Ouch! That is a bit arrogant. While I am not uneducated I do not have a high school diploma or anything recognized as an equivalent. The last time I was serious about my education was just before I was thrown out of high school. For the second and last time. That is the extent of my formal education. I have read a few scraps of information about Chakras and so I know about the kundalini. What I will write about is a mysticism I did concerning chakras that led to an understanding of the kundalini.

What is a mysticism? It is the art of divination to consider what is of interest. I use a swing rod and generally can only use this art for what I am given to do. I have very little discretion. While there are any number of things I would like to use divination for, for the most part it only works for what I have to do. It does not work if it is not something I have to do. This is the way I approached the kundalini. It was what I had to do.

I set out to understand the seven primary chakras and named them to personally understand them. The chakras begin at the base of the spine and terminate just above the head. I will name them beginning at the base, number one, and work my way up. The first chakra is flesh or place. The second is family; community. Third, ego. The fourth is compassion and binds the lower chakras to the higher chakras. The fifth chakra is, The Sea of Justice and The Seat of Truth. Light Gate is the sixth chakra and lastly the seventh chakra is Heavens Acquaintance. The kundalini is what binds these as one cohesion and is discovered by exorcising each chakra beginning at the base or first chakra.

When we resolve or settle ourselves with our flesh it brings that opportunity to community and in turn to ego. When we exorcise the lower chakras in this way we reach compassion and the higher chakras are within reach. Things are as they are and this is The Sea of Justice. When we have resolved ourself to find compassion we can find the Seat of Truth which rests on The Sea of Justice. Resting on this seat, Light Gate, between and barely above the eyes, is opened. This affords us access to Heaven Gate and a quiet voiceless recognition of what actually is.

In my last post I wrote of  wrote of Solomons Key. Naturally my consideration of the key was derived in the same manner. With the key there is no written record to refer to that I know of and so my understanding is purely mystical. My exercise with the kundalini preceded the key and was as a building block to my discovery of what I consider to be Solomons Key.

The Mystic Tourist

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