Texture and Possibility

What is possible? Believing something is possible only means it is possible to believe. We know that when we believe we can do something, belief alone, is often the difference, the determining factor. People who are sure one way or another prove their certainty with results. What is possible is discovered by those who believe it is, the caveat being, actual possibility. The vortex of self , habit, disposition, attitude, is what gives possibility to what is possible. The vortex is determined entirely by our response to environment.

We create a texture that is our self and has little to do with determining what is possible but lends authority to what we believe. Much of what I believe is produced by my management of this texture. I have discovered that what I can do is directly linked to my texture, and, the vortex I create determines texture. I can calm my vortex and calm its intensity. When the vortex is calm it is less distracting and perception is afforded legitimacy. The content and intensity of our vortex determines whether, and how stuck, we get. We can change it at any time. Generally the calmer we keep our vortex the more control we have and the more able we are to recognize what is possible and achieve it. Calm translates to traction, discretion becomes more amiable and what is possible gains possibility. Texture.

Winning control by calm. With calm I am able to more honestly consider, pretty much anything. I can accept that things are as they are and what I think about them is just that. I have had enough experience that I know I can deny even my own experience, what I know to be true. Ignorance, the only authority needed, to live a lie. I must apply this rule always or risk being stuck. It is the only way to maintain objectivity in the subjective jacket of temporal existence.

The Mystic Tourist

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