Question Complete

Leaving everything unanswered I have completed the question. I have done it before. I like the question but will I answer it, can I answer it? Is there an answer? Maybe it is the question that interests me and I have no use for the answer. Perhaps I know the answer and prefer the question. I think it is all of this. A perpetual evolution in which nothing changes. The question at some point becomes the answer and then of course the answer is a question and of this tension existence is generated.

Should an answer be brought to bear that resolves, ends the question, what then? Certainly that would conclude what we do here. It is question that seems to drive us in this life and in its answer we have found our destination. I think no matter how we live we are pursuing or avoiding some question and I am not sure the answer is that important. Ultimately the question has its answer and in that they are the same. We must all know this and it is demonstrated by our existence.

I have long held the notion that I can bring the answers forward and that is what I am here to do. I do not know why I think such a thing but certainly without bringing myself forward the cause is lost. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it does it make any noise: we have all heard that before. I continue to work on this because I want greater clarity and because it is pretty much the only thing that drives me. It is an act of compassion, as answer, in this sense, is absolute. The pursuit of any absolute allows that any responsibility, commitment, etc is met or the pursuit fails. I also believe in ordinariness,that there is no one greater that the other, and in this way there can be no leader. We each choose and do as we will.

I hope I find a way to bring myself to where I think I can be and bring a little levity, a little light, to notice. Light being shared understanding and levity the buoyancy of cognition.

The Mystic Tourist

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