Occupational Rehab

Working and living a normal, ordinary life, has been my aspiration. Physical labor has been a hallmark of that endeavor. I now look to move to an occupation less dependent on my physical labor. Having proven, at least to myself, normalcy, I have other work to do. The need for proof is not my concern. I am who I am. As I look at success in the world I live in what strikes me is how easy it is. Clearly it is just a choice we make and then subsequent choices follow. There are many components but success can be expressed in any circumstance. In my circumstance I can make success easily out of my life. It is not that it is any easier than whatever else I might do it is that it is as easy. I need to rehabilitate my financial occupation to be more secure.

When I started this blog I thought I would work it somehow toward that goal. I think there is probably enough interest what interests me that I could develop a market or that this pursuit will reveal my opportunity. From the onset I have imagined that the success I will find will be different than the designed goal I started with. To create a financial success using a blog is a lot of work. It is easier to work it the other way around. To start with a product and then blog to support and market it. You can hobble it together any way you like. Start with a blog, develop the existing interest and then develop a market. I have a strong work ethic so putting work into something is just one of the things I do.

I am surprised by the pace of personal growth that blogging has spurred and I find myself asking if that alone was not the success I desired. Still in need of a better financial footing I wonder if this blog is a vehicle capable of that. I wonder if it is desirable to exploit it that way. For a blog to generate income, traffic is needed, and, if I focus on that I can spike my traffic. I have done that. I could develop product on a different site, direct traffic from that site to this site, and vise versa. My blog is a proven vehicle for growth but is it a vehicle for financial growth? I do not know the answer yet.

I very much would like to improve my financial security. What to do, what to do?

The Mystic Tourist

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