Life is What Proves Existence

Do we ever question existence? Yes we do and yet we do exist, we must, just to be able to question it. That begs the question, does existence begin and end? I think existence is a constant without constraint. It just is. Because of existence we find ourself aware of existence. When we consider existence do we separate it into parts some more durable than others? Yes we do. We consider ourselves in this way. We consider ourself somehow different from the rest. We are what does exist and there is nothing that separates us from all that does exist.

Existence creates of itself this awareness and animation of itself that is life. I accept it as a permanent condition just like the rest of existence. My death will not diminish existence or take away from it. We are just not that powerful. The deity that exists and measures us into parts some more deserving than others did not create us. We did, and do, create it. It is an illusion that alludes to some durable good. It is a good that we will find in ourself if we are to find it anywhere. When we give god  the authority to reign over eternal damnation we have failed. Such a god can not exist. There can be nothing separate from the whole of existence. The God that does exist allows that everything has an equal value and is included as existing.

The fact of this state allows that we can be wrought from anything, even this muddy speck of dust we call earth. Cognition awareness and sentiency, the animated celebration of existence that is life, prove Gods existence. Not the god who we chose but the God who choses us and of which we are created.

The Mystic Tourist

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