Prejudice Fulfilled

I have prejudice born of subtle repetition of thought. Casual thought is not particularly formative. Some thought, born of attitude and disposition, becomes a silent unnoticed repetition. Attitude and disposition are formed of thought and then secured by its repetition. These whispers bend our intent fulfilling their own prejudice. What we might otherwise see is lost by these distortions because our trajectory does not allow for arrival. Notice of this gives rise to appointment and trajectory is corrected by eliminating the whisper.

I have boiled the subtle content of the habits of my mind down to tolerance. I am not particularly tolerant and this is the prejudice of notice today. Although intolerance is poorly contained its source-point is a singular focus, myself. I have very little tolerance for my shortcomings and that only assures that I continue to fall short. Earlier in this exorcise of self that continues to be, The Mystic Tourist, that which today is intolerance was much more pronounced. A roiling shadow, rage, always beside me waiting for my invitation. It was an unwelcome companion whose invitation I withheld but its shadowy menace was unsettling and distracting. I have now met its parent, Intolerance.

This intolerance is a subtle companion that resides inside me and once cast a shadow that was the rage that resided beside me. The rage is gone but its parent wants it back, so my appointment is to discharge him as well. It seems an easy dismiss. When I notice this visitor I consider, Tolerance, an affirmation that is a welcome calming whisper. This will replace intolerance, reside within me, and cast no shadow.

The Mystic Tourist

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