Prepared is Not Enough

The constant act of preparation avoids success. At some point preparation is enough and continued preparation is just a shadow dance to avoid what we have prepared for. Short of doing what demonstrates preparedness, we only prove that we can prepare. A merry-go-round whose brass ring we ignore. Sometimes the ring is considered from a vantage point that does not allow access sending us round and round while we plot our course. Round and round. The choice must ultimately be made to do what has been prepared for, or not. At some point the opportunity expires and we are off to realize success elsewhere.

We prepare so that we might do. It is in the execution of our preparation where pause resides. When I write of preparation and execution it is, of course, in reference to the subject matter of this blog. That which is esoteric. When considering the execution of preparation in mystical matters there is a pause between preparation and realization. The psyche needs to organize the id, superego and ego in a way that completes preparation and proves it with execution. The id knows and wants satisfaction and the ego is determined to be separate, independent from all else, the superego imposes the rules of engagement between these two and then the world at large. Of all of this the psyche is able to moderate and amend. The ego, I think, is the most sensitive of these four, it is the face we let the world see. I believe there are rules imposed on ego by the superego that are not true and yet these rules are commonly held in our human community. Due to psychology and its structures the ego is unwilling to expose itself because of perceived risk. This is the pause.

Beyond the structures of psychology there is an underling seed of existence, an innate comprehension of what is, that is shared by all that is, and, does not differentiate. It is our common ancestor, descendant and it is who we are. It is the psyche that is most able to express this but it is the ego that is most determined to control. In a earlier post I wrote of the kundalini. There is a similar relationship between these components of our psychology. There can be single cohesion that reveals a divine or enlightened state. It is normal and ordinary people experience and express it.

The Mystic Tourist

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